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Hotel guests are unhappy with the general level of cleanliness in the hotel bedroom, and this is a discouraging factor as the services don’t meet its standards. The employees are providing quality services as they used before and this means that they are discouraged in one way or the other, and they lack the motivation they need for them to work as expected. Therefore, it is essential to focus on how to encourage the employees to perform to a higher standard while exploring some of the factors or strategies, that can be employed in motivating the stuff. Stuff need motivation, and that is the reason why it is essential, for the Imperial to ensure that they change their working strategies to meet the expectations of their customers.

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The paper will focus on some of the motivation strategies that can be employed by the Imperial Hotel for better performance among its stuff and what can be done to reduce the employee turnover. According to the observations made, it is evident that the staff is not cooperating like before and they are not providing high-quality services to meet the standards of the hotel. Its clients have high expectations, and whenever this is not achieved, then it turns out to be a disappoint to the clients. The only solution to this problem is to ensure that the staff work better and change their attitude towards work. Low motivation is costing the company a lot and a reputation that has been in place for centuries is about to get ruined, and this is not the right way to go about as the company is losing its competitive advantage.

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It is unfortunate that the company has been rated poor recently and this should not be the case since it is affecting its performance and with this trend, it is easy for the company to collapse. All that the staff need is motivation and this helps in giving the employees a working spirit that they need for better performance. The company needs to re-examine itself to identify what might be the cause of poor performance among its employees. Despite the fact that contacting other organizations to receive cleaning services has been proved to be effective by many organizations, it is evident that it is expensive and it is not effective. There is a need for the company to focus on motivating its employees by evaluating to determine what is the root of the problem from which it can be resolved.

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Outsourcing can only be used to resolve the problem on a short-term basis, but it cannot be used for long-term services as it will be ineffective for the organization as it is an expensive exercise. The most effective approach that can be employed to solve the problem that imperial hotel is facing is offering a range of incentives as well as a bonus. It is essential that the staff feel appreciated in the organization as this will push them to give their best to the organizations. Some of the motivating factors that the management can incorporate in the company include communication. Communication in an organization is essential, and that is the reason why managers and top management leaders are encouraged to be effective when it comes to communication.

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Communication is a two-way thing between managers and workers. It is essential for the imperial hotel to ensure that the current staff is offered an opportunity to come up with goals that they will be focusing on a given period. Some of the reasons why the workers perform poorly are due to poor wages, and this should be the first issue that management will address. The administration should come up with a platform through which employees can state some of the challenges they are facing in the organization and some of the solutions to their problems (Alex et al 2018, p. Through this, it is possible for the company to identify the obstacles that lead to poor performance among the workers. Therefore, it is essential for imperial to ensure that staff is satisfied and they have all that they need to perform well.

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