Problems of low client confidence levels

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Amos Field. These interviews were conducted on one on one for twenty five minutes each in the conference room located in the centre of the Creative Media Department. Through my qualifications research studies, the main reason for conducting interviews was to get first-hand information from the employees to understand the how the problem started at the agency, points of contention and how management has worked with the staff to solve the problems. This proposal will benefit the Agency to adopt good corporate governance where the management will seek to succeed within the parameters of justice and fairness and make good decisions to benefit the firm in the long run. Background of the Study Phoenix Advertising Agency, with its main headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, Serves clients that include banks, insurance companies and local businesses like restaurants and shops.

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The following are the key action goals of this proposal to solve the causes of these problems: • To inform the management on importance of proper communication to improve directions to the people who work and begin to absorb ideas put forward by others to persuade those around them to accept those ideas that will improve the agency. • To advice management to conduct performance appraisal annually to measure performance levels of employees and improve the skills of all employees. • To address the lack of compensation and specialized compensation software to plan compensation. • To advice the top management to adopt management control practices to prevent future crises, standardize outputs as it relates to the quality of client work, constantly update plans so that managers are aware what is happening in order to protect the organization.

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• To create a flexible time schedule that gives employees some freedom to choose when to work. The financial period should 12 months and financial statements and reports must be drawn to show the historical performance of the agency and predict the future economic plans. The services to be provided have the ability to be adapted to anew target audience. Create a flexible work Schedule A flexible work schedule will give employees the freedom to choose time of working. The agency should provide telecommuting options especially to graphic designers. Jeb France who is in creative department should be promoted to the accounts department since he has had experience with at account management. Mr. Fredrick Smythe is the Art Director working in the department of Arts.

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His role is to delegate authority to employees work under him and ensure that the graphics designs of the agency meet the market requirements. Terrence griffin is the Account Executive. He is the decision maker on how the organization’s funds are to be utilized. The staff will be trained in every aspect of the company to fill the gaps in case one employee leaves the company. Establishing trust among workers and management with one on one meeting is greatly an awarding achievement. The company will hire an Account manager with experience who can motivate colleagues in the department to work better and organizing the department to put the best personnel in place. This will benefit the whole Company of Phoenix Advertising as a whole because Roanoke Branch will serve as an example.

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