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In addition, the purpose is to reduce and stop drug and alcohol abuse and to reduce criminal activities caused by drug addicts. In an overview, a drug treatment court system provides a better alternative to dealing with drug-related crimes and enable individual affected to access treatment. The main aim of the program is to minimize the use of drugs and related wrongdoings in Baltimore Community. The program involves following the participants for a period of 2 years. The results of the program have been rated as positive because those who have gone through it have recorded fewer arrests related to drugs than a conforming comparison group. The participants usually are addicts of drugs and alcohol. National statistics indicate that a 1 % of American population is in the prisons.

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A high number of those in jails are due to drug abuse and related crimes. Imprisonment rates for Black American men are much higher than any other group in the country. More than half of those people arrested for different types of crimes are found to have illegal drugs in their bloodstreams at the time of their arrest. 5% of them are addicts to drugs and alcohol. The original criminal justice system has suffered a lot of failures and this has rendered it inefficient in dealing with drug crimes in the community. The participants seem to undergo a predictable pattern from arrest to release and within a short period the same individual is back to the prisons and the pattern continues. This shows that jails or prisons are not able to stem out crime and drug abuse issues.

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A treatment court system program as shown by highlighted statistics will help in addressing the current drug crime problem in Baltimore community. The program will also ensure that it describes its strength, weaknesses, gaps and limitations to the community at large to gain the trust that they need to be able to run its purpose and functions. Among the strengths of the organization is it’s widespread all over Baltimore. This has made it known and so many people get the need they require easily. The weakness of the programme is the lack of enough funds needed to run it. The program has also been faced with a number of limitations such as dealing with high profile criminals who are products of drug use.

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In addition civic officials and police department are required in the process of addressing assets not forgetting parents as a group (. Liang, Long, & Knottnerus, 2016). Program hypothesis 1. If drug offenders are rehabilitated, then they will be self-sustaining and productive members of the society. If drug dependent offenders are assisted through provision of resources and support, then they will gain skills essential for the sobriety maintenance. On the other hand, the long-term outcomes include improved and increased success and leadership. Also, social behaviors such as helping others will be increased and above all drug and substance abuse will be reduced which means that there will be no violence. Program Evaluation Among the goals of the drug court is to enhance public safety. This will be done through Provision of rehabilitation of individuals as well as timely intervention and all-inclusive treatment of drug abuse delinquents.

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