Proposal for A New Information System for A Real Estate Company

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The lack of information at the right time may affect negatively the decision-making process in a company. Thus, this paper proposes an information system which may be implemented by a real estate company in its operations to improve their process of making decisions. It also highlights the weaknesses of the current system and the features of the proposed one. Details for Company The success of a real estate company is dependent on its ability to attract clients and convince them to take their offers. However, this process may not succeed if the company does not use information in its possession correctly. An aligned information system normally has a good relationship with the business’s goals and its strategies in a way which facilitates the decision-making process (Telbany and Elragal 251).

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Due to misalignment, a business may find it impossible to achieve its full potential. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the information system which a firm uses is in total alignment with its goals, objectives, and strategies. Following the development in information technology, firms always need to keep on improving their systems to take advantage of the advancements. By incorporating these changes, a business will end up introducing benefits to several of its sections which lead to an improvement in its performance. For an information system to be effective, it needs to be relevant, fast, reliable and it should offer confidentiality (Bouhouili 137). While the system used by the company currently offers confidentiality and relevance, it can still be improved to achieve better performance.

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By developing a better system, the firm will end up having an improved performance. The process of rectifying the weaknesses which the system currently has involves the identification and implementation of a system which does not have those weaknesses. Since the operation of the information system is crucial in monitoring the performance, creation of forecasts, quality control, and reporting of results to stakeholders, it needs to function effectively for its purpose to be fulfilled (Li, Peters and Richardson 1). The system will provide complete information. If it leaves some gap in the details it delivers, the management may make decisions without considering all possibilities. Thus, the system will collect and analyze information to ensure that it provides complete information to the management to achieve high efficiency.

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The system will have a high speed of operations. The decisions which the management makes are dependent on the trends and the future expectations in the industry. Generally, MRPII is the use of computer software to enable a company to make purchases according to requirements, rather than just replenishing their stock (Tanna and Vyas 1). Specifically, in the case of this real estate company, the use of MRPII will enable the firm to invest wisely depending on the demand. This information system will enable the management to determine the best time for engaging in development practices to have high sales. User Views The developed system will have several user views. These user views will enable the management of the information which it contains.

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This section will be used by the management of the company to facilitate their decision-making process. By showing them all the relevant information, the leadership will be at a good position to decide on the way forward. It will show them all the information which the company needs to reach effective decisions. Potential Security Risks This system will be designed to incorporate the best security technologies. However, it may still face some possible security risks. The proposed system will incorporate EDI and MRPII in its operations. Therefore, it is expected to have better performance than the previous system. Works Cited Bouhouili, M. "The impact of marketing information systems' quality in improving the commercial performance of organizations: Analytical essay on the case of agri-good companies in the region of Souss Massa Draa.

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