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It started on as a relatively low capacity business but has since grown to a relatively bigger business such that it can supply products to other ice cream shops. Since Forever Cream Foods has grown, four years since it was started, the business requires human personnel support as the amount of work available is not as little as it previously was. It is typical of any business to be in need of extra employees as soon as it begins expanding. Twenty employees are expected to join this company and that is it is necessary that they are trained. This is going to help them understand the basics of working in an ice cream shop thereby improving their efficiency. This calls for a training session in order to equip the employees with the necessary skills.

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The idea of using outdated cash registers presents another significant gap that needs to be addressed in the training program. Bearing in mind how important how the subject of handling cash is in business, this ought to be a training need. The use of manual log registers backtracks the efforts of the company to prosper and, therefore, training on how to operate digital registers, is needed in readiness of shifting into the digital world. Similarly, the outdated information systems create a huge gap that requires training in readiness for the updated systems and how they are operated. It is important that the training incorporates such issues because they help the employees know how to go about new machinery and equipment and this increases their effectiveness in delivering high-quality services (Hafeez and Akbar, 2015) to the ice cream customers.

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Consequently, the firm’s revenues will improve if the employees have the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver good services. There is also a gap in the technology that Forever Cream Foods uses in its operations. Business in the twenty-first century is more digital than it was about a decade ago. Technology brings new dynamics into the field of business because of its ability to make work easier and more efficient. The employees look to obtain the skills of how best they can treat the customers in order to portray a good impression that will encourage the buyers of ice cream to visit the shop from time to time. Once customers feel that they are treated the right way and that they feel safe within the shopping premises then they can always come back and this means the shop will find an opportunity to grow further.

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Training Objectives The training objectives in this two-day include the achievement of a digitally literate group of employees. This means that after the training the employees must be able to understand the dynamics that surround technology, which greatly influences how business is conducted. This is the desired outcome that is expected of all the trainees because the standards of working at Forever Cream Foods have to be set high so that the shop can be able to withstand competition from other traders who participate in a similar type of business. Whenever a firm has time and resources then training can be done exhaustively to ensure that the company does not leave out any important bits of the training process due to lack of resources.

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Considering it is a group of twenty people, it would be advisable to book a hotel where a conference hall can be provided for training activities. An average of about $500 per individual can work out the stay of the employees and trainers in a hotel for the two days. Four trainers are a good number to handle twenty employees. Being an all-inclusive hotel, the totals translate to $12000. Information is delivered to the employees at a much faster rate (Urick, 2017). This method of training is ideal in this case because the employees have the chance to raise issues of contention at any point in time when they feel like they have not understood well the activities being carried out. This gives them another chance of getting to know and hear something if their first attempt of a lesson, for example, did not yield anything.

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The element of discussion between the instructors and the employees makes it easier to engage in an in-depth evaluation of the topics under scrutiny (Al Saifi, et, al. This freedom in discussions is not present in other methods of training like electronic learning (e-Learning). Analyzing the needs is also important as it provides room for the incorporation of the gaps that are present in job performance, into the training program. Definition of the training objectives is important because it ensures both the instructors and the employees to be trained have an idea of what is expected at the end of the program. The real training activities are then undertaken in order to equip the employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to bridge the existing gap.

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