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It is always important to understand the market, economy and political processes because roughly 40% of the national income is got through the political processes (Gwartney et al. How public economics affects services delivered to homeless women in Brooklyn Homelessness in Brooklyn has been a major challenge and the most affected are usually women and children. This challenge has made them not to enjoy various services and benefits as the rest of the people are enjoying (Bhugra, 2007). The economy in Brooklyn is not stable and it has made it difficult for homeless women to enjoy various services such as food, shelter, and healthcare to be a challenge to them. These women have been neglected and left alone to crave for their needs since the economy is not able to meet their demands.

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Every citizen is entitled to good health care and when people are denied this benefit the government should be blamed for this (Bhugra, 2007). The leaders of Brooklyn have not been able to meet this demand due to the problems associated with the unstable economy in their country. Children of homeless mothers have not been able to attend schools with the rest of the kids. Instead of going to school they have been joining their mothers to borrow for food and money on the streets of Brooklyn. If the economy could be stable, the government should have built schools for these homeless kids where they could be getting education free of charge because their mothers cannot pay for their school fees. Shelter-based clinics These clinics provide all the services required by homeless people and this are the same services which can be found throughout the entire country.

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On-site clinics have been developed on shelter locations after people saw the need to bring services to where homeless people are found (Culhane, Metraux, & Hadley, 2002). Rescue missions Rescue missions have been known to the community since they have served the homeless people for couple of years and they have good access to existing networks such as housing and health services. These rescue missions have played a very crucial role in ensuring that the homeless people can get the basic needs that they need to stay happily. They provide food, shelter, health care and counseling services to victims who have fled home due to various injustices in their ancestral homes. Staffs in this house describe it as the shopping mall for the homeless people since it in this house where they get plenty of services they need.

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Some of the services include a health clinic that is managed and run by volunteers and paid employees to serve the homeless people. Freestanding clinics This is a clinic that was established specifically to provide solution to the unsolved needs of homeless people. People realized that through a word of mouth they could receive health services and without having to wait for longer periods as they did in ancient emergency rooms and outpatient programs (Bargmann, 1985). These clinics played a very important role in diagnosis and treatment of various diseases which were affecting the homeless people in different areas. These are incentives which are accepted in an organizational code of conduct or policies of that organization. It can also be argued that moral incentives are those which when people fail to behave in a particular way it’s seen as an indecent behavior.

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