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Connecting the QMS in its manufacturing processes. Improving productivity and profitability. It will be important for the firm to implement ISO 9000 QMS due to a variety of reasons. These reasons will be based on the advantages which the QMS will provide to the organization. Firstly, the QMS will be an essential series of the international standards for the organization as it will play a great role in improving its quality assurance and management. The chosen QMS for the company is ISO 9000 which fits for the manufacturing organization. This will be an essential series of the international standards for the organization as it will play a great role in improving its quality assurance and management. The rationale for choosing the QMS is to enhance and improve the implementation and maintenance of efficient quality elements of the system.

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With the use of the QMS, the bread manufacturing company will be in a position to provide the quality satisfaction of the demands of the customers to avoid disappointing them in their needs. Secondly, the system will make sure it meets the regulatory requirements for the company as far as its manufacturing responsibility is concerned. The model values of the organization that improve the leadership in the manufacturing company will be established to enhance explicit trust between the members and the customers. As a result, the leadership qualities will help in empowering and equipping the employees with quality skills that make work effectively. Similarly, the resolution will ease the recognition of the contributions made by the employees towards the attainment of the quality standards of the organization by setting of challenging goals.

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The third way to resolve the quality issues will be engaging people in the quality assurance. This will be important in ensuring the abilities of the people are valuable and accountable in meeting the standards of the company. Therefore, the system will help in solving the quality issues by performing the good decisions. Moreover, relationship management will play a great role in solving quality issues in the manufacturing company to make sure the decision-makers will use quality approaches to solve the quality issues. Therefore, the quality management system will be crucial for the bread manufacturing company since its use will ensure resolution for the quality problems that will arise in the company. However, such quality issues can hinder the performance and productivity of the organization.

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Evaluation of Legal compliance The selected firm is a bread manufacturing organization. It is mainly concerned with preserving the health and safety of the members of the organization. The standard will operate in accordance with the QMS to make sure the safety, wellbeing, and healthcare of the people in the organization are complied with. For instance, the vital symbols and signs that can be used to protect the members from accidents will be considered to make sure the people are kept safe and healthy. Generally, the ISO quality management systems are crucial in ensuring the delivery of quality healthcare in the manufacturing company. Therefore, all the legal obligations and requirement will be complied with. Reference Noble, I. S. O. ISO 9000 quality systems handbook.

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