Reconstruction and the Gilded Age of Politics Annotated Bibliography

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Annotation In this article Kyle analyses the key transformational aspects of the reconstruction period. They are the foundational concepts that were responsible for the significant uprising of America, to the superpower heights, the country gained at the time. The study of historical concepts is aimed at informing and leaning the principles, processes,and practices that have to be adopted streamline the future. at the same time, they shed light on the tragic incidents and the poor decisions, to give perspectives on the lessons learned in the event the poor decisions are made. The article identifies the main decisions made during the reconstruction period and their effect on the economy and the development of America. Topic: Industrialization and Urbanization, 1865-1900 Website name: Industrialization and Urbanization in the United States, 1880 1929 Website URL:americanhistory.

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oxfordre. com/view/10. 1093/acrefore/9780199329175. 0001/acre ore-9780199329175-e-327. Site Summary The credibility of the article is supported by the fact that it is sponsored and published by Oxford university press (OUP). The Author Jonathan Rees is a professor atOxfordUniversity. Not much is published about the author however his deep insight that is captured by the details he provided with regards to the American industrialization and urbanization article. Another factor that gives much value to the article is the fact that, it is accredited and published by the Oxford university press, this should hold much meaning considering the scrutiny and authentication process articles is subjected to before it is published under OUP. Topic: Westward Expansion and the Revolt of the Debtor Website name: The War and Westward Expansion (U.

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The article documented in thefirst person captures some aspects of the decisions from the persona a militant point of view. The relevance of this article is based on the level of details provided, with regards to how the expansion commenced. Site Summary Asa point of weakness, the article overlooks the natives. The fact that some of them were killed in the battles and some migrated. For a comprehensive coverage, it would have been more informative if all the aspects of the western expansion, were covered. The author focuses on the trade barriers that limited the accessibility of markets, the fact that America was fast growing and there was a growing need of foreign goods and services, the open door policy was initiated allowing people to come and settle in the country.

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The fact that the article covers the overseas expansion of America to have territories such as the Hawaii and parts of the Philippine islands, is of relevance because they explain the growing population and American territories at the time. More importantly, the article covers the open door policies and the developments that had led to the enactment of the policy. Site Summary The credibility of the article and its relevance to this study is based on the fact that it was documented by William Mountz an Adjunct professor at Missouri South State University. His professionalism lies within the boundaries of the history of Modern Africa and the history of America. Another highlighted event is the commencement of governmental and legislative reforms.

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Identifying new ideas in social science, law,and education is another element that is broadly described. Other elements that are identified are challenges to sexual and racial discrimination with special reference to the challenges facing the African-American citizens. Government-affiliated changes that were inspired by the progressive errors are as well identified with special reference to president Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson and the special extensions of reforms. Finalizing with the elements of world war, and its aftermath to the governments and the united states economy. The article also describes the key elements the defined the period between the end of the world war and the great depression as the roaring twenties. The description of leisure, self-belief, hard work,andcontentment sheds light on the transition between the world war and the great economic depression.

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For a historian being in a position to vividly account for the events and the reasons behind their occurrence is key. Site Summary: As of relevance to the historical study, the article not only provides factual data as documented at the time, it relates them to the contemporary aspects of the economy, an approach that is influential relational concepts especially for the policies formulated at the time and now. Amadeo Kimberly is an economic analyst, she specializes in analyzing financial and development patterns, with aspecial focus on the elements that may trigger a collapse. com/roaring-twenties-4060511 “Progressivism:” Progressivism and World War I, www. angelfire. com/ego/jshireman/progressivism_and_world_war_i. htm Mountz, William T. Shadowing British imperialism: Origins of the US open door policy, 1890 1899.

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