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This far, I now author a reflective essay on how my experience as an MBA student in this university has been instrumental in shaping my thinking and equipping with necessary skills for the next level in my career either working in the corporate industry or pursuing my entrepreneurship ambitions. Career Management I joined the MBA course after spending almost two years working in my business. I had dreaded looking for jobs and so entrepreneurship was a better option for me. This because I wouldn’t have to go through the struggles of dealing with rejected applications and failed interviews. I therefore, came to pursue an MBA with the goal of learning skills that would improve my chances of landing well-paying job opportunities as well as equip me with skills that I would apply in my business.

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These are those qualities I have that are not necessarily admirable and would also reduce my chances of career growth and development. For example, I learnt that I was so afraid of failing at an interview. This fear would affect my performance on interviews even when I was clearly eligible for selection. From the coaching session, I had several interview simulation activities which to this point have raised my confidence in my ability to land a job after an interview. In addition, I gained very meaningful advice on how I would prepare my dissertation paper. On the day of presentation, despite being anxious I had overcome my fear and I did my presentation very well. However, I did not expect questions from the audience, but they did come.

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I lost it with some of them while I answered others satisfactorily. The interaction session was eye opening as I had to take a listening role despite being the person making the presentation. The dynamics that came along with this experience was being able to lead from the behind and the front. I am more positive and strong willed and would take more of presentation roles. Team Dynamics and Effective Teamwork Team work is an essential part of any successful organization. However, as an entrepreneur in a sole proprietorship, I had not much appreciated the role of team work in my business. For this reason, I have had a difficulty trusting others and their ability to give their best in a joint activity.

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Studying for the MBA has been very pivotal in changing this line of thought. This has been instrumental in ensuring that I did not give up when it got frustrating. I have also been able to create new personal networks made up of talented individuals who I believe would be of great help further along my career. I have been directed towards thinking of how I can participate in the within the teams. And so, for me the biggest question is, “What role can I play?” The answer to this demand several applicable team work skills that I need to learn as illustrated in my personal development plan below. Team Skills Development Plan Personal Analysis Strengths Areas of Further Development My personal business is doing well and so far, I have learnt to trust team members.

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Balancing personal business and group/organizational commitments. Setting Goals What I want to learn What I must do Resources and support I need How I will measure success Date of Review Greater team leadership skills and abilities Take on more team leadership roles. Besides I need to take more lessons on team leadership in class and also by personal reading. At least 2 weeks of class and personal reading time on leadership. More conferences and team activities. This has boosted my self-confidence and so I believe in myself much more. Moreover, I need to learn more about problem solving and trust. These will constitute my personal leadership development plan. Personal Analysis Strengths Areas of Further Development My greatest leadership strengths are integrity and self-belief.

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I have been able to improve on my ability in leading teams and public speaking. Without this it is impossible to move forward in whatever aspect of leadership one is engaged in. For this reason, I have to learn and improve on my problem-solving skills. Take on more roles on problem solving within the teams I work with. Besides I need to take more lessons on problem solving in class and also by personal reading. At least 2 weeks of class and personal reading time on problem solving More conferences and team activities that involve education on problem solving. Following this will help me get suggestions from all team members as well as give them a chance to be part of the decision-making process for the activities that we engage in.

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