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Some people are left broken by such questions. With that regard, there is a need of Being able to outline the exact signs and symptoms of ASD early are critical. The child might not be able to show developmental milestones that match the other male children of the same age group leading to a parent questioning the reasons without actually getting the correct answer. I was thinking How can a parent handle the diagnosis of a boy child with ASD? Well, in think several methods can help a parent cope with the situation. I learnt that The first and most important response may be to educate oneself about the condition. Children with Autism are known to have “mind blindness”. In other words, the inability to perceive others thoughts and feelings and this are what makes it terribly hard for ASD children to relate and communicate with others.

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Therefore, With the above in mind, it’s of great significance if one understands well that communication assessment and intervention can help the development of social communication in boy child with ASD. On the emphasis, Points that one ought to consider in social communication assessment are: How often the male child does interacts; The mode the male child uses to engage in social-communication interactions and The purpose of the male child’s interactions I believe With these guidelines mentioned above, the gathered information can help one with the appropriate intervention. There is a variety of interventions techniques available to aid social-communication development in children with ASD. I felt that Another concept to consider when training the child on social skills is the presence of other children.

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This typically gives the boy child a sense of belonging. Praising him for good behavior during games and for a behavior that is wanted is great reinforcement, this helps motivate them. I found that my thinking is influenced in the sense that involving a schedule for completing various task is an important tool, this can help keep track of progress or lack of; a step that is to challenging can be broken down, into even smaller steps. With consistent data collection, measurement of goals and progress; a boy child will with no time be able to complete these tasks with maximum independence and it will enable the child make decisions about what activities interests them I believe it’s important to also ensure the he has a specific place that they visit whenever they feel overwhelmed.

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my feeling is that AT plays a great role in the lives of individuals with ASD and their family, it has been very beneficial, especially for communication. However, technology in relation to autism has been scarcely studied. The rise of concern is an individual with ASD potentially become dependent on the device or can AT help for transitioning off to independently communicate On the other hand, the question raised in me is on the development of the Assistive Technology applications to assist boy child with autism in various life situations have proved to be very beneficial, especially language and educational needs. The implementation of the AT device can be geared specifically to the child deficits and the appropriateness of their environment to improve their well-being.

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On the contrary, I found this relevant in a sense that being exposed to the different information on the benefits of AT devices tool and it’s varies functional applications an intervention plan can be created specifically geared to help improve my son’s language and communication skills. ABA treatment is mostly directed to individuals who have Autism (Bailey, 2014). I get to understand that according to Boutot For many male children with ASD, communication and language delays are a big challenge and it can be a hindrance to their everyday lives. No child on the spectrum is the same, therefore it’s difficult to pin point the characteristics of their language. Boutot (2017) states, some children with autism do develop speech, however, both groups will demonstrate comprehension deficits the inability to engage in joint attention interactions.

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