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6 Revenue of Apple Inc. for the last 5 years 6 Profits of Apple Inc. for the last 5 years 7 References 8 Executive Summary Consolidated Megacorp is a large and diversified conglomerate that has a number of subsidiaries and operating divisions and this sees to it that the company has a number of business operations with leading organizations such as Apple and others. As such, this report is aimed at providing information to the boss of consolidated Megacorp on Apple Inc. since the boss, Sabrina will be meeting with the C. Apple Inc. is a global technology company that deals with the designing, developing and selling of computer software, electronics such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, headphones, music players and computers among others and also online services such as iTunes.

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The company was founded by three individuals in 1976 namely; Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. In the period that it was begun, the company went by the name Wozniak Computers but in 1977, it adopted the name Apple Computer, Inc. as its official name (Myers and Fellow, 2014). In addition to the main headquarters that the company runs in California, the company also has a number of other outlets that are situated in various parts of the world such as the Apple Center in Japan, and others in countries such as the UK, Russia, Canada and South Africa among others (Myers and Fellow, 2014). The industry that the company operates in is the telecommunication industry based on its products. It marginalizes in the designing, developing and selling of products such as smartphones, tablets, computers and laptops, online services, and operating systems and other software.

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Therefore, based on the wide range of products, the company’s market can be seen to be expanding greatly, covering diverse markets in various parts of the world as mentioned above and also present in almost all the countries around the globe. Due to the large number of companies that are in the same market or industry as Apple Inc. has been known for its extensive product line that ranges from computer hardware, computer software, online services, music applications, and smartphone and tablets. For instance, over the past decades, the company has been releasing a series of the iPhone series and it is currently on iPhone X, which its tenth edition in its series. The company makes sure that it improves the features of the iPhone with every release but still maintains the first name and as such, this has gained it a wide range of fame within various markets.

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In addition to the phones that the company offers, Apple Inc. as well has tablets and laptops that are also released and upgraded with every installment. has been considered as a company that offers its products at a high cost. For example, the iPhone X would cost a consumer a total of around $1500 to $1800 which has proven to be the most expensive phone in the market so far (Kumar, 2017). The same case applies to its other products and this has been considered as a hindrance to effective market penetration. Revenue and profits of Apple Inc. Revenue of Apple Inc. 23 billion ("Apple revenue worldwide 2004-2017 | Statistic", 2018). When it comes to analyzing the trends in revenue, it is with no doubt that the trend in revenue has been on the increase and as such, this can be attributed to the uniqueness of the products, the integration of the innovative features and also the expansion of the companies markets.

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