Report on Critical Analysis of the Nairns Oatcakes in the Chinese Global market

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oatcakes having been originated from Scottish, have many products that are consumed countrywide and worldwide due to its natural and pure products that are accepted by the large population in Europe and the other parts of the world including China since the population of China and the nature of the country consuming the product holds the largest population. Globally, the product has less competition since the product quality is still original and recommendation by many consumers in which the energy produced through carbohydrate digestion give steady energy supply without any unhealthy effect like other foods with the harmful ingredient. Since 1888, Nairns oatcakes have grown with a good rate within the UK and other parts like China since the climate supporting the growth of wholegrain which is used to manufacture the oatcake is favourable and that is why the supply and production of the product are consistent and reliable making it grow in the international market.

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Introduction Nairns Oatcakes originates in Scottish having been founded in 1888. the Company which manufacture the products have got its market largely in the United Kingdom that is North America, Africa, Asia and others. According to pestle analysis, critical examination of the business or company progress must follow the following procedures to determine the strength and weakness of the business within and globally (Millar, R. , Barras, W. ,and Bonnici, L. Political factors Starting with political factor, countries with legal law and regulation in favor or conducive in operation of the certain product will make sure that it will protect and safeguard that product by protecting its sources and links without getting any harm or distraction on its operation or existence. For this case,.

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Laws that are being imposed on certain commodity with intention of restricting its consumption is another way of restoring the trade of that commodity, for this case, the government of the UK in which the oatcake originated have no any Law that restricts trading or consumption of the good in fact it advice people to use the commodity in the breakfast due to its healthy state nature. Social-cultural factors Another environmental factor is the social act of the commodity. Perception of people in the UK have the mind of consuming health food without any complication or harm. in this case cereals are considered to be healthy and advisable for all generation. Consuming cereals during breakfast have been the routine to most of the people in the European countries since the majority of them knows the importance of staying healthy.

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in this scenario, Nairn's oatcake company packages its product in a way that advantages over its competitors despite the commodity ingredient and preference by the consumers (Addo, K. , Nicholls, R. , Codjoe, S. , & Abu, M. Applying this kind of technology of packaging and following healthy wise conditions with the production of other brands and product substitute by the company gave it a comparative advantage in the market earning the company with larger share within the European countries and outside Europe. Nairns oatcake faced treats from other cereal food companies like the Stockman and Petersons Company but the management of the oatcake company had the best strategy that made it wins the battle of market share. How to research the Chinese market using international markets China with a population of 1.

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3 billion houses gives a room to the investors since the power of buying and consuming the produced commodities increases. in the other term, the larger population and development within the country makes it qualify to hold any foreign investment in the country. Chinese market can be researched in many ways including microenvironmental factors being taken into account. E. , Beatson, A. T. , & Lings, I. N. the brand of biscuit and porridge which is largely consumed by women and children in China gives the researcher with the thought of having the commodity within the supply. Having the market idea on the kind of commodity required in large volume will make it easy to plan and budget on its supply (Malcolm Abbott. after notifying the market demand in China, the Nairns oatcake decided to launch on the brand of biscuit and porridge with aim of targeting the specific population.

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All the information is necessary for any investor wishing to invest in China because having the knowledge on the market require matters concerning with the information and resources that are important to investors. Discussion In any company, the strategic analysis should be sound and managed by the best managers with the good mind in the control and management of the business. In Lexical Variation and Attrition in the Scottish Fishing Communities(pp. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. Retrieved from http://www. jstor. org/stable/10. org/stable/26491518 3. Llewellyn Williams-Brooks. Resisting Whig History: Putting the Australian New Left in Perspective.  Labour History, (114), 153-168. doi:10. 1002/smj. 295/abstract 5. Malcolm Abbott. The Limits of Socialism: The New South Wales Labor Party and the Proposal to Nationalise the Gas Industry.

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