Review of the impact of menu planning in f&b provision

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This essay will critically review some of the top trend articles that have majored on the impact of menu planning in food and beverage provision. In business as indicated by some authors, menu planning helps to know the number of meals to prepare and when to serve them. It the best way for an individual or an organization to save time and money as it entails effective planning and consideration of available resources. The first article to review is “The Menu Planning and Design. ” According to the author, each business organization that deals with food marketing or provision should have a menu; this is the key to the business marketing plan (Apivantanaporn & John). When a customer is presented with a menu, he or she will order a meal as it is the customer decision that determines the depletion of supplies.

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This will force the restaurant to make new food and beverage in order to keep the supply on; if there is no menu planning, therefore it will be difficult for the restaurant to know the depleted goods. As a result, the company will gain more profits (Cartledge 219). The main challenge that the author doesn’t talk about for this case is what will happen if the restaurant is tempted to get more of the ordered goods in order to satisfy more customers as possible, but within the process, the number goes down instead of rising (Boehm & Alana 726). So directly the company will face loss. The author not only gives the readers the positive impacts of having a planned menu but also it teaches them on better ways of coming up with a well effective menu plan.

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The author has referenced his work from other sources and this makes the reader gain more confidence towards the article as it shows that the author did research before putting his work forward. In addition, the author has cited his work from sources that are less than five years old and also the sources are reliable (Cho & James 454). This means that the article can be used later for future references. The thesis point of the article has been clearly mentioned and is actually easy to understand and interpret. As the reader might get in the middle of a maze, the article has been structured in a way that one can refer to other sources, for example, the article isn’t limiting itself to the primary author knowledge, and instead, the citation has been included for guidance and further consultation.

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Coming across such an article is interesting as it will open your mind and motivate you to go for more research (AbuKhalifeh & Alaa Nimer). It really beautiful how the article has been structured, but there is some weakness that arises as you go through the whole text; regardless of extra mile explanation and examples, some of the information incorporated isn’t important when it comes to marketing and sales (Wood). It wouldn’t be great if the author would have focused on the impacts of menu planning instead of going further and describing the types of menu planning (Cho 213). Straightforward information is actually the main goal; aiming to strengthen the thesis. The elasticity of price is the other point. For this case, the business will have to allow for food and beverage supply to get high and make it the determinant of the price with no interference to the volume (Casado 9).

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This makes the business make more profits as the menu plan will change regardless of the same amount of goods being supplied throughout (Yu-Ping & Yu-Chun). Therefore the author is trying to say that menu planning is used a loss recovery through a change of price while maintaining the volume of goods. The article has the best tactic to explain the impacts of menu planning as the use of factors and principles of marketing prices determine future profits or losses. P. M. Som, and A. R. AlBattat. " Acta Universitatis Danubius. Œconomica 9. Baiomy, Ahmed, and Eleri Jones. "Measuring menu attributes in the international and local resort hotels in Egypt. " Anatolia27. " The Business and Management of Ocean Cruises (2012): 219. Casado, Matt A. "Corporate recruiters and alumni: Perceptions of professional courses.

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