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Hazards Identified • Of importance is to note and have in mind that I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This technically means that in instances where I am expected to inspect high rise buildings. There is a chance I might fall during the process of inspection. • As highlighted on the above point, MS at times causes dizziness and at times loss of vision. Who Might be Harmed and How? • As the individual carrying out the assessment, I am in more danger, as the risk of the peril directly falls on me. Who Might be Harmed and How? • In a hypothetical scenario where employees in King Faisal University disclose sensitive information, they risk getting serious backlash and a possibility of being laid off by the person in charge.

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Existing Risk Control Measures (RCM) • It is of importance to get consent from everyone who submits their information. • Of importance is to sensitize those involved on the importance of secrecy in dealing with the information. • I would also recommend the use of an electronic questionnaire. • Make the managers and the employees understand that the information they submit will be purely used for studies and it will not be disclosed. Hazards Identified • Should the development in question be sub-standard, the individuals I will be interviewing risk health and safety hazards. Who Might be Harmed and How? • The materials used might not be up-to standard, and this might cause catastrophic accidents for both myself and individuals being interviewed. Existing Risk Control Measures (RCM) • It is wise to contact the health and safety office to ascertain that the site to be visited has meet the minimum requirements before visiting the site.

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