Role and limitations of political science

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This paper analyzes the roles and limitations of diverse aspects of contemporary political science. Roles of political science Referencing from The New York Times, political science is bound to forecasting of governmental operations. These operations include the periodic predictions of a country’s election outcomes which is something that the present political scientists fail to accomplish. As such, political science is analyzed to the following functions as seen from the government or society’s points of view. It thus services in establishing and maintaining an idyllic type of government through government observations as well as the reference of other governments and their policies (Loewenberg 2012). It offers a solid foundation and relevant conditions a country ought to undertake while in the forming of a solid and significant society in a country.

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As such, it forms the backbone of a country’s progress and performance (Moreno 2007). Another role of political science is the prognostic function which forms the framework that governs the competence of any government acknowledged verdicts before they are carried out. This framework thus provides the necessary expert inspection of government decisions to ensure that they are of no negative effect on the country’s citizen in terms of human rights and other fundamental constitutionally set citizen rights. The most crucial role of political science, especially to the citizens of a certain government, is political socialization. As such, the assumption prolongs to the idealism that to solve the present political problems, conditions differing from what is today are used as formulas in solving such problems.

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While political science has abundant roles within the national and international scopes, it is limited by the fact that it manifests problematic situations in its operationalization ignoring the basic facts that functions of any political system cannot be determined in any way using any scientific methodology. Also, political science has been proven to fail in prioritizing which among its proposed functions have held more importance than the others. This neutralizes the fact that political science involves the learning of political functions. Lacking a standard to prioritize which among the predefined functions should hold more importance than others in a political government lender one to agree to take the set suggestion that all predefined functions are elementary to all diverse dogmatic systems.

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However, these limitations still do not compare to the efficacies of political science all in all. This study has exposed that intellectuals of political science have thrived in the structural functionality of relative politics as well as domestic politics collectively (Azarian 2011). Conclusion In conclusion, it can be clearly defined that political science stands as a crucial aspect in today’s society as a working guide on what is important in a government and what can be done to better the political societies of the world through comparative ideologies and formulas. Nonetheless, this major has accompanied it a set of limitations like all sciences do, political science still holds a hand full of roles and significances in the world today. A world with no political science would comprise modern dictatorship and a world lacking in democracy.

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