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Indeed, technology has influenced the human culture politically, socially, morally and the military services. The United States for one rose into being in the Age of Enlightenment around 1685 to 1815, a period in the Western philosophy in which thinkers and writers who had rejected the perception of superstitions of the past, chose to focus on the scientific, cultural and intellectual life based on technological developments and advancements (Hodson, et al. Furthermore, the United States constitution portrays the desire and passion for promoting technological advancements and innovation that encourage scientific creativity. Additionally, the industrial and technological history of the United States portrays the American State as one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. Indeed, the United States has significantly risen in dominance over the years in the field of technological development, innovation and military dominance.

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The influence of technology in intelligence and automated systems of the American military operations such as Warfare Robotics and semi-automated weaponry that has been used to restore law and order not only within the united states of America but also in many associated nations around the globe. America, as a technological giant has archived an outstanding recognition, which has opened gates of opportunities for the nation’s economic growth and political stability as an international symbol of peace, cooperation, and unity. It is inevitable that the American State has archived many important goals as a result of innovation and technological development. However, the significant dominance held by the nation needs more attention that was previously thought. Despite the contributions scientific creativity has had on America, it is worth recognizing that the nation’s military affairs and war capabilities need constant upgrades and developments for the State to have the upper hand in its security as well as the security of many nations in urgent needs of protection.

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Military game rule games on an international scale involve more cooperation and coalition between many capable nations. By creating favourable grounds for military technology development through international association and negations, the United States stands a chance at maintaining its reputation as a technologically advanced nation in the world (Mowery & Rosenberg, 1999). It is stated that with great power comes great responsibilities; the United States is more responsible for the future of military operations across the globe based on that fact that the set warfare and military operations conditions will directly influence the military capabilities of many nations. Technology itself is fast growing and largely adaptable. Different nations are fast grasping the concepts of military technology and therefore, rapidly developing. If the United States fails to realize the potential held by many competitive nations in military innovation and development, cooperation and uniformity could fall.

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It is also worth noting that each nation on the surface of the planet has its foundation based on a specific culture or style of living which has been the source of their inspiration. It implies that without a special set of standardized and unified rules in the field of military affairs, different military organization around the world will have different protocols and procedures that will exclusively satisfy their needs (Weigley, 1977). Contrary to the stance assumption made that the United States is a technology giant dominant in critical fields such as the military, it is a potentially dangerous act not to reform the global standardized rule pertaining to military operations. Standardized and uniform terms of service are critical based on the unpredictable status of the future.

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When a set of uniform rules and regulations that govern both American and other nations get implemented, the United States might earn the trust and cooperation countless civilians since they will perceive American military operations as friendly and aimed at the general good. Technology is fast growing and developing, and it is inevitable that technology cannot be controlled or contained. It, therefore, implies that different nations around the globe have equal opportunities and methodologies that when used appropriately can raise the nations’ dominance in technology and military affairs. For that reason, the perception of the United States always being dominant on the global stage turns out incorrect. In the stiff competition for global dominance in military affairs, many nations have the potential to outweigh the American nation (Kartz, 1992).

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