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The government has the authority of making decisions on behalf of the society on policies influencing the maintenance of order and the achievements of particular societal goals and objectives. The genesis of government can be dated by back to times of Abraham in the Bible. Government strength over its subjects differs depending on the extent to which it is free from limitations and bottlenecks. Also, the strength of the government abroad differs depending on both human and material resources which support its foreign policy. Governments varies in size and scope from clans, tribes and the shires of early times to the superpowers and international governments of today. Hence, the entire society should be in one way or another own or control at least one or two properties for the benefit of all its member.

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2 Despite socialism being one, the view of socialism in terms of how the property should be own is different. Some socialist belief that the resources ought to be indirectly own centrally by a democratically elected government on behalf of its subjects while others belief that people should directly own the properties themselves. This difference in perspective led to the emergence of different types of socialism such as communism, democratic, libertarian, market, green, Fabian, Christian as well as Utopian socialisms. Democratic socialist holds that productions are managed by the working people and thus there is a democratically elected government. It’s why we buy Che Guevara T-shirts when we vacation in Cuba or Chairman Mao mugs if we visit China. ”5 This statement clearly shows the different views that socialism has.

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Some believe that it is a good economic and social theory while some especially those who believe in capitalism believe it is a retrogressive economic perspective. The basis of these different in perspective of socialism among the socialists is attributed to two major issues as aforementioned. As earlier stated, socialism is a doctrine which calls for public control or ownership of property and natural resources as oppose to capitalism which is calls for private ownership as means of production and allows personal choices in a free market to determine how goods and services are distributed. This is because it comes with some benefits such as equality for all, reduction in poverty levels, compassion and assistance for the disable and the less privileged in the society, specialization as well as preservation of natural resources for the benefit of all.

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In socialism workers aren’t exploited since they are the ones who owns the factors of production. One very significant feature of socialism is that profits are shared equality according to person’s contribution. Secondly is that in a socialist society everybody works at what he or she likes and is best at. This leads to high production. I believe that a mixed economy ideology which incorporates what is good in socialism ideology such as the aforementioned as well as what is advantageous in capitalism ideology for instance promotion of entrepreneurial culture is the best economic ideology and they way to go. In view of the above issues I believe that decentralization of the decisions regarding the utilization of public resources is also the best way to lead people and promote equality.

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