Roles and Importance of Marketing and Human Resource Management Organisations

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Also, HRM companies need Marketing knowledge for their survival. For this reason, many roles and duties done at both them are linked together, (Wagner III, and Hollenbeck, 2014). Human resource helps a lot in stimulation of the marketing innovation. With the emergence of new technology and emerging of new markets in the developed countries, it has been seen that marketing organisations need strategies for them to compete fairly in the market, (Arrowsmith, and Parker, 2013).  In this regard, managers in the human resource management have not been left behind as they a key role in the deliverance of quality services to the customers among other many roles. Their management is usually technical and they get assistance from each other. By so doing, their activities are well done, (Wagner III, and Hollenbeck, 2014).

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Through this inter-relation of roles, especially in the field of carrying out design and deliverance of services, their customers get satisfied by meeting their needs. For this reason, it has been unable for one organisation to stand for its own in delivering some service, (Wagner III, and Hollenbeck, 2014). This is due to the execution of some tasks by different managers in either of the Organisation. This has boosted the worker's morale, expansion of the Organisation, and increase the productivity, (Boon, and Kalshoven, 2014). In overall, the two Organisation have played a major role in valuing their employees which is a determinant of the success and failure of the business. By so doing, the Organisation stays at the top level.    • On the side of HRM, the managers play a vital role of agent changing.

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For instance, if the Organisations want to meet their daily target of sales in the market, then the change in how the Organisation operates is of great importance. To conclude, employees are made to be flexible thus being in a position to work in different fields which are based at business priorities and functions for employee preferences. • Despite the above roles, they participate in building the capacity of the company. HRM leaders are thus able to develop a competitive business which is important, (Arrowsmith, and Parker, 2013). By performing this duty, they also promote goods and services to their intended customers. The world being a world of war for talents, they build an effective human resource to compete with other companies either private, public or state-owned corporations, (Baker, 2014).

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This is because the two have many fields inside them. For the better performance, there is the need for marketing and HRM companies to be linked together. Despite the problems associated with the management, the two fields serve a great role to the public and there is the need for them to improve their performances in order to make enough profit and enable them to run smoothly. Due to this, they should ask for aid if the services to be delivered to their customers are being delayed by lack of funds. For instance, they can borrow from financial firms to deliver what is expected of them.  Human Resource Management, 53(3), pp. Baker, M. J.  Marketing strategy and management. Palgrave Macmillan. They mainly help both employees and activities undertaken within the Organisation.

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For instance,          addressing the issues affecting the company          changing of the agents          Building of the company’s capacity          gearing for teamwork          Finally advocating for their employees The above mentioned are some of the major roles played by the two Organisation and they are significant on how services are rendered, how employees are handled and are determinants of how the Organisations will thrive in the digitalized world, (Boon, and Kalshoven, 2014). The roles also have made the public to have trust on the services rendered to them thus building the Organisation. Due to this, it has made the Organisation to compete with other Organisations which are either producing similar products or different, (Piercy, 2014). In addition, they have shaped the Organisation in the way it is expected.

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