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Notably, the event broke the pre-conceived ideas of the ideal race. It enlightens the global world on how racism can significantly impact on diverse aspects of the social, political, and economic world. Besides, it indicates that the world and more so England is open to change although it observed some cultural beliefs, which was evident by the presence of the Bishop and the choir who led the huge gathering. This paper, discuss the Royal wedding in the context of the sociological concepts that are most profound in many societies. Key Words: Royal, Wedding, Society, Culture. Thus, it is not unique to find people debating over Prince Harry's way of doing things, and more so his decision to marry the colored American bride.

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According to Richards & Smith (2015) argument, the ceremony is probably a remarkable one since it will change the political system of England. Furthermore, looking at the history of the royal family, one can identify a great diversity, which has been enhanced by Meghan Markle marrying one of the England princes. Furthermore, the event gives some hope to women of color and more so in England, since they can now identify with the leadership of the country. Accepting another race into the family means that the Windows are more open. In spite of this speculation, the fact that the event took place religiously means that the Royal family still embraces its cultural traditions. However, the union means that the society is increasingly becoming accommodative.

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Markel joining the royal family sheds some light on who is entitled to enter the upper family, which guarantees them the privileges of the particular class (Zhou & Wodtke, 2018). Thus, the event marks a turning point for the personalities perceived to be ideal to be in the royal family. Notably, Prince Harry has a history of relating to upper-class women, which explains his decision to marry Markle, a factor that explains social interactions and relationships (Richeson & Sommers, 2016). However, stratification may take other forms like the distribution of power and authority. Relating to the royal family, the royalties have the power to decide, make rules and determine what is wrong and right. Furthermore, the Queen of England has the power to control the distribution of state resources and the ability to define opportunities, obligations, and rights that individuals have.

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Thus, allowing the price to marry his bride of choice means that state citizens are equally entitled to associate and relate with whomever they want to as long as they can be able to reach a mutual consensus. Importantly, sociological scholars argue that factors like race, gender, sexuality, social class, nationality, and religion also influence stratification. He considered love to be a point of intersection of conflicting individuals, groups or societies (Gambino, 2018). Love teaches people to develop a harmonious state that can enhance the ability of the nation to thrive. Through it, the world can become an exciting place to live. Even more, any form of love besides the romantic love has the power to heal. He further explained slavery, where he gave an example of the resilience of faith in a system of a slave (Gambino, 2018).

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The event was a historic moment that marked the development of the Britain Traditions. Markle and Harry followed the footsteps of Princess Diana who fought for changes in Britain’s cultural and social norms. She promoted diversity by welcoming outsiders into the monarchy. Besides, being a new era for the role of family, the event explains the importance of cultural integration. Cultural integration promotes the adoption of new cultures, which alters an individual’s way of doing things that can only be enhanced by interrelated mechanisms. However, the wedding is likely not to be a state occasion since Prince Harry is the sixth in his line to the throne. Even more, there are zero chances that he will be the king.

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