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The Samsung Company was founded in Korea by Lee Byung-Chull as a grocery trading in 1st March 1938. Samsung started in trading noodles (Dussault, 2003)and the other goods produced in the city and did much of its exportations to the parts of China. The company was much improved after the Korean War hence emphasized more on the industrialization with the aim of helping the country undergo development after the war. The country did much improvement through the policy of protectionist since they had no other competitor hence made much profit which helped in financing the country. The company expanded its manufacturing processes in the 1970s thus improving the rate of production hence managed the competition from the textile industries. In the early 20s, there emerges the Samsung smartphone which brings into fame the countries product and frequent topped annual lists of the best-selling smartphones globally.

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Now many individuals join the use of Samsung smartphone (Trehan, 2006). Through all this, the Samsung Company has been able to employ thousands of people globally hence raising the living standards of them thus the economy is also upgraded. There have been several key elements of the Samsung Company which have enabled its strategic planning. This strategic planning includes; The ultimate fast follower, the Samsung has been able to identify the way forward to avoid and take care of its competitors. The managers should also learn more about the investing to ensure that the company won’t collapse thus there is a supplement for that. When the company has invested much of its profit in somewhere the possibility that the two businesses will help each other is too high hence no business can fail as they help each other.

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The future, the company has to be much keen on its future, since it may collapse or be among the best companies (Trehan, 2006). Strong management and saving maintain the records of the company hence preventing it from collapsing. When the management is strong, secrets of the company are maintained and the chances of the company failing are very rare. The SWOT analysis, the Samsung electronics limited is the worlds largest manufacturer of the mobile smartphones. Thanks to the manufactures and the customers for their courtesy of marketing and adverting the smartphones. Strengths Samsung has been the manufacturers’ most successful in the world. It has been able to produce television sets, smartphones and also the majority of the mobile phones used in the world.

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The company has been able to market and advertise its products successively hence encouraging more buyers who have enhanced much income to the company thus kept it on the top. Many competitors in the market who have managed to beat the speed of the spread of the Samsung phones. Opportunities The market for the smartphones and the mobile is much increasingly developing the demand especially in Africa where the customers are too many. This sales of smartphones are too much competing for the sales of traditional computers as they were not familiar with it. The demand for the Samsung tablets and the smartphone has really emerged due to its affordability (Ireland, 1999). The wearing technology is also an emerging in the technology and is much help as an opportunity.

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Several techniques which have been used in the forecasting the human resource supply and demand challenges have been so increasingly. The shortage of occupation groups, where there sometimes lacks the personnel in the company thus causing the company faces a huge challenge (Dussault, 2003). If the people required in making a certain product of the company are not there or they lack the right skill for it then the company faces a great challenge. However, sometimes much is also needed in the hiring of the new persons who will work with the company in improvements. The international growth can also be a challenge since when the demand of the labor is too much and the supply is low then the market should be found to help in ensuring there is a good supply of the products (Dussault, 2003).

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The customers ensure the flow of the products from the producer to the retailers hence the chain keeps going. The customers will always purchase the products from the company and use them hence they have to keep getting the new products at every level it is. If the customers are frequently purchasing the company products the flow of income keeps the spirit. Customers are then very important to the company as it completes the chain thus much income expected (Dussault, 2003). In the recommendation, the company has the mandate to keep the customers and the product flow hence should always keep in touch with it. , Lee, D. K. , Kim, J. H. , & Jung, M. Human resources for health policies: a critical component in health policies.

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