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It is the subsidiary bank of the United Kingdom which is operational in the United States and has established a subsidiary in the United States. The bank has an operational head officer in New York City and also a nominal office which is located in McLean Virginia. The bank is a chartered bank under the National Bank Act which guides how all the operations and all the activities of key banks operates. The operations of the bank are also regulated by the Office of the Comptroller of Currency which is the major subsidiary of the United States Department of Treasury. The bank has been operational in the country for many years, and this informs the major developments and key achievements that the company has achieved over time.

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Such decisions are what provide a vital way of ensuring that all the activities and operations within the bank are working as planned and with ease. The bank is composed of the board of directors who hold the most senior positions in the company. The Board of Directors is made up of the veterans’ person in the world of financés and banking, and it is composed of the people with a rich experience in the management. The Board of Directors of the Bank is composed of various people, and these persons have rich ideas in management and running the whole operation that requires deep knowledge and expertise as seen with the HSBC Bank. Patrick J. The bank has a well-established market structure that is aimed at winning more and more customers across the region.

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HSBC being a global bank uses a mix of demographic and geographic segmentation strategy. These are the strategies that the bank depends on to create one of the most effective marketing frameworks to help in promoting the customer base for its customers. The company has created a segmentation strategy to help in capturing more and more customers to the bank. There are different types of segmentation that the business uses, and one of the key segmentation strategies that the bank relies on now is the demographic segmentation. The use of the online and digital marketing platforms has revolutionized all the entire activities of the bank, and it has created one of the basic ways of meeting the various needs and the high customer base across the region.

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The application and the use of digital marketing have greatly changed the functionality and the general outlook of the business (Khalfan et al. The SWOT Analysis of HSBC Bank A SWOT analysis is one of the prime ways that can help in the development and analysis of the general outlook of the company. The use of SWOT analysis provides a whole picture of how the entire activities and the general outlook of the company needs to run and to develop fully. The use of the SWOT analysis provides a clear picture of the general activities of the bank and also how what needs to be done to foster and promote the operational developments of the bank. HSBC Bank still has a myriad of opportunities that enable the bank to continue to grow and achieve much more with the same.

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One of the key opportunities that the bank has now is increasing its investment link in other countries. The bank still has also of unexploited regions in which it can make an impact and win one of the largest customer bases. In this case, the bank should consider making investments in other territories including in Africa, Canada and even in the Asian countries. There still lies a great opportunity in such regions that the bank should consider tapping and making use of the same. One of the more developments that the bank has initiated which explain the development in the e-commerce industry is the development of online purchases through paying for services through the online platforms (Boudreau et al. The bank has also developed a system where the person can access all their account details within the online platforms, and this is also through the system of acquiring the credit cards and another banking service through the online platforms.

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HSBC bank is working into the full utilization of E- commerce but with some set put conditions that bind how the bank should run and also how the bank should fully work towards incorporating the e-commerce in its system. Therefore, the bank is making a lot of deliberations and collaborations with other online and e-commerce vendors to apply the most combination of the global network infrastructure and the best breed of e-commerce as a means of fostering the use of the same system within the business. Work Cited Boudreau, Marie-Claude, and Richard T. Smith, Alan D. "Exploring security and comfort issues associated with online banking. " International Journal of Electronic Finance 1. Khalfan, Abdulwahed Mo, and Abdulridha Alshawaf. "Adoption and implementation problems of e-banking: A study of the managerial perspective of the banking industry in Oman.

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