Service planning in human service organizations

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Management in an organisation refers to the act of organising, directing and coordinating activities in order for the organisation to achieve its anticipated objectives (Barney, 2014 pg. Management is a vital task in an organisation as it directs the business focus and heavily impacts on the performance of an organisation. Some of the functions of an organisation’s management include; organising, planning controlling. In order for the management of an organisation to be fruitful, it should carry out its most important functions in an effective manner. Effective management should be consistent, in the sense that the management should be level headed even in the most challenging of times and carry out its obligations in planning as expected without faltering. This department is supposed to be efficient and competent in its operations and that is where the concept of service planning is integrated.

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In this case, service planning means organizing, managing, monitoring and controlling or services delivered to consumers in an efficient way (Hislop, 2013 pg. In this case, consumers are human beings who are expected to receive different forms of services. The level of service planning is determined by various factors. The first and the main factor is the nature of the population being served. Human service organizations that deal with food and other essential human needs should also be more concerned with their service planning more than anything else. Generally, the type of service and the nature of organizations should be highly considered when determining the level of service planning. However, in both circumstances, service planning should be effective in order to ensure that the needs of human being are being serviced effectively.

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One of the key challenges facing service planning in the current world is the urge to satisfy companies need and consumers need. The service planning department is usually concerned with two key aspects and one of the aspects to make profits for the company. It is simply the service involved in service planning. It is initial step in service planning where service department plans on different strategies of introducing service planning in the organization. Taking example with the Hong Kong Council Social of Social services, the organization must come up with strategies that are aimed at implementing service planning in its operations. The organization is a human service organization that offers human services to residence of Hong Kong. For effective operations, the organization must come up with service plan in order to ensure that their operations are sustainable and at the same time they offer quality services to consumers.

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This shows that service reviews should be used as a measure of the competency of the service planning of an organization. Finally, community consultation is one of the main fundamentals service planning where human resource organizations should consult the community in order to understand the level of services they require. This in return would help in determining the type and the overall nature of service planning. The paper has discussed a lot on service planning but it has failed to provide a detailed explanation of what service planning entails. This section will tend to provide a detailed explanation of what service planning is all about. When there is poor service planning, a lot of defects occur in service delivery. Some of the defects include wastage of resources, wastage of time due to frequent delay and many other negative consequences.

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In this case, this leads to losses in terms of profits and resources. However, the case is different when a human service organization has a well-organized and structured service planning. In that kind of organization, services are delivered effectively and efficiently in a way that there is no wastage of resources which means that there is utilization of resources (Longley, 2015 pg. These goals can only be met if there is effective service planning, when service planning is poor, these organizations end up failing in achieving their future and short term goals. This is different when service planning is effective since it assures organizations accomplishment of its both short term and long term goals. Service planning is essential towards human service achievements and thus it should not be ignored at all cost.

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How Human service organizations should utilized service planning effectively In order to fully maximize the profits associated with service planning, human service organization should utilize it effectively. There are a number ways in which these organizations can carry out this function. This would include a group of individuals that can be involved in offering of services to consumers directly. On the other hand, there should be a group of individuals who should be monitoring the progress of service delivery at every level. Monitoring includes the performance and any error that might occur thus offering a good chance of fixing unexpected problems in service delivery. Conclusion In conclusion, management is the foundation of every organization. However, the effectiveness of management of an organization determines its success.

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