Should the right to die be enshrined in law

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On the other hand, different religions have their own opinions concerning the issue of death. Hinduism and Santhara are examples of those religions who agree that an individual has the right to end their own lives. Christianity considers it a grave sin for an individual to terminate his or her own life. Therefore, it will take a lot of work, and different considerations before the right to die come any closer to being enshrined in the law. According to Fiala, everyone should consider the fact t that morality should be awarded a particular kind of independence. No one has the right to make the judgment for others, telling them what is more suitable and preferable for their lives. According to the autonomous concept, one needs only to have an understanding of what he or she is confronting.

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Here, the author tries to imply that an individual does not forget how to make the right choices merely because they are facing imminent death (Larson, 1243). In a situation where a patient is undergoing a lot of pain, they may end up considering that their life is meaningless and therefore, they need to have a say in what happens to it. MacKinnon tells us that different ideas relate to values and this is known as descriptive ethical relativism. Including the right to die in the law will indisputably an idea that will lead to lead to a series of unreasonable and completely unethical decisions in the future. It will become one of the subjects that are likely to face unimaginable criticism by our future generations.

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There is a difference between physician-assisted suicide and a self-administered suicide, and some people have had troubles trying to differentiate the two. However, the term suicide has been disregarded in many occasions primarily because it is not always the entire motive of the action. The people who advocate for the right to die being incorporated in the constitution are mainly those who consider that they are going to die soon, and therefore the only thing that they can do for the moment is to find a way through which they can have a respectful death that upholds their dignity. In some cases, some cases may be so severe that they may lead to a series of social attempts from the affected friends and family.

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Diaconescu’s book argues that people face different life conditions at the same time, but they are required to adhere to the same life ethics. For example, someone may be very sick, another may be close to death, another may be very poor, and others may be wealthy (Diaconescu, 475). These different groups of individuals may need to be treated differently according to their situations. The issue of the right to die here comes in when there the sick ones think that they have a right to end their lives however they want. 2, 2012, pp. ProQuest, http://db29. linccweb. org/login?url=https://search-proquest-com. db29. MacKinnon, Barbara, and Andrew Fiala. Ethics: Theory and contemporary issues. Nelson Education, 2014. Meisel, Alan, and Kathy L. Cerminara.

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