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The disease affects the red blood cells in the body, and it derails the development and the general outlook of the blood cells of the victims. The red blood cells are some of the major blood cells in the human body. They are responsible for carrying oxygen through the process known as oxygenation to the entire body. The red blood cells are mixed with oxygen, and it helps in transferring oxygen to virtually all parts of the human body. Normally, the red blood cells are round in nature. Many theories have been raised in trying to understand and explain fully the disease which is currently affecting more than 700000 Americans. One of the inherent theories developed to explain the disease is fully discussed below: Pauling's Theory of Sickle Cell Anaemia Pauling is one of the major scientists to determine that Sickle Cell Disease is a hereditary disease.

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Pauling is accredited to performing various experiment with the sole aim of determining the causative agents of the disease, and he determines that Sickle Cell Disease is indeed a genetical disease which affects human beings. Pauling first experimented on the people of Sub –Saharan Africa. He found out that the disease mostly affected this person, and he notes that the disease was very painful one and he also determines that the disease was characterized by drastically malformed red blood cells which manifest itself in the healthy red blood cells before taking over the body of the victim and this causes death at a later date. Factors Affecting the Disease Climatic factors that greatly gravitate this disease on the body system. In places where there is extreme temperature, the disease is said to have severe impacts than in the place with low temperatures.

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Those in cold environments are less likely to be affected by the disease than those living in jot areas. Windspeed has alps been found to be directly associated with the adverse effects of the disease. Research has found that the increased wind speed is likely to increase acute pain in children and also in adults suffering from the disease (Tewari 1116). Current Medical Management Most people with this disease usually start to experience the first signs in their young age. They experience the first signs immediately when they are born, and they live with this signs and which starts to affect them drastically. The symptoms and signs that each person suffering from this disease are quite different in different people and hence with clinical intervention it can be determined with ease.

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