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Hence, this paper will venture into the use of data analysis in predicting the consumption of energy in buildings. Practically, buildings require that several facets are looked into in depth in order for the building to pass the due standards both physically and legally. This process will include the consideration of the ventilation, heating, security, lighting and even the air conditioning. These factors are duly relevant in the construction of a building and due consideration of the elements that affect them are part of the data analysis off smart buildings in the contemporary world. Smart buildings have to meet the necessary standards in order to be considered to be safe for occupation. This source will thus serve as an integral secondary source for this research study based on its emphasis on smart homes.

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Davenport and Jeane (2007) in their book analyze on competing on analytics. Primarily, the authors delve into the field of data analysis and explore on how best businesses of different calibers can compete favorably on grounds of analysis. Essentially, it is emphasized how important data analysis is important and how best to apply it in the market to accrue favorable results eventually. In regard to this research study, this book is of relevance as it gives a clear guidance on what data analysis is all about and ow it may be used to improve business performance. These buildings will be analyzed by how much energy they consume subject to the available facets such as air conditioning ventilations, heating systems, the lighting used and their security.

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