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With a hands-free technology, adverse effects arising from those obsessed with texting while driving can effective be reduced. To attain such an objective, campaigns should be focused on positioning “Voice Action” use in smart phones while driving as a responsible behavior especially among the young drivers aged between 17 and 24 years. Among this group of drivers texting while driving is a common unbecoming behavior that is slowly developing and threatening to claim many lives on the road in Australia if not kept in check. The main objectives are to have at least 90 % of the university students living in Queensland attend the voice Action challenge, with 95% of them expected to have Voice Action enabled in their smart phones in the first month and over 95% of them beware of importance as well as using the “Voice action” app at the end of the campaign.

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The TBT theory has it that Voice Action strategy would be a viable technic in linking individual’s beliefs and action thereby influencing the drivers’ behavior. Featuring Barron in the promotion of “Voice action” for young drivers would not only attract many but would encourage many young drivers who have him as their fan and role model engaged in the promotion. His presence would bring comic into the whole event while passing the strong message of driving responsibly and safe. Product strategy #DriveSafeDrivewithVoiceAction is the best and modern way of driving that allows the driver to text while driving without being distracted. Driving with Voice Action is a smart and safe way to drive as the app allows a driver to operate the phone hands-free.

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Besides texting while driving with Voice Action is pretty easier to use and compatible with most android, windows and iPhone software’s. Pricing Strategy To conduct the #DriveSafeDrivewithVoiceAction the organizers raise funds so as to offer free fuel for all participants. Moreover, all vehicles would be decorated with green painted #DriveSafeDrivewithVoiceAction banners. All participants would also be requested to install the Voice action app. All participating students would be supplied with green T-shirts labeled #DriveSafeDrivewithVoiceAction. Moreover, all participating students would be required to attend evening classes a week ahead of the promotion to familiarize with the route, campaign slogans and reason behind the campaign. In so doing, one evades being apprehended by traffic officers and facing charges which attract up to a fine of $443 in Victoria in addition to a loss of four demerit points (Vic Roads, 2014).

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More so, with Voice Action one is safe as his eyes stay on the road in a normal drive. Students’ as well as other drivers subscribing to Voice Action would convenient text while driving, it would be viewed as responsible driving practices to be emulated by other in the society. In case the campaign is effective and drivers work in favor of it, road carnage, senseless loss of lives as well as the burden of paying hospital bills for causalities as a result of phone use accidents would be reduced significantly. Besides, in fear of breaking the law many would buy into the idea of using “Voice Action” enabled phones while driving since its convenience, user friendly and interactive (Google, Voice Actions (n.

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Turning left on to Sport road to join Circular road towards. The CBD of Griffith University. Any place along the route established where students would be found gathered in numbers shall be used as point of promoting safe drive via Voice action. On the inward journey the procession would proceed would proceed towards Messines ridge road to join Gaza road and going north bound towards Bapaume road, Venner road and Fairfield road. It will use Graceville avenue before making its way back to the UQ via Swann and galley roads. Throughout the three-month campaign period, tweeter, Facebook and snapchat would be updated on daily basis to create awareness and educate people why the need Voice Action while driving. A roadshow featuring Barron would help wrap-up the campaign by giving participants a first-hand experience.

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Having advertisement snapshots with Sky News Australia somewhere in-between a commercial break for a popular soap among the youth would pass the message to the right message at the right time and to the right people. Evaluation strategy Outcome Evaluation strategy Social change Measure Metric Data collection process How it will be measured 90% of all young adult drivers living in UQ will attend “Voice Action” enabled smart phone campaigns Register as many students as possible to attend the campaign as well as educate them on the importance of Voice action app Interview a total of 100 students in both University of Queensland and University of Griffith and note down their phone numbers Send text messages to all registered students to determine how many purpose to attend.

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