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This paper discusses how poverty as a critical social work problem intervention measures and further studies. Background Poverty is viewed to be one of the critical threats to development globally. It limits people's abilities, and potentials are hence enslaving them in an undesirable state. Poverty is a state whereby people cannot access their basic needs. It is a situation which leads to many adverse effects on development and people's progress. Partial participation profoundly affects the outcomes of social work projects and programs which are tailored to intervene the challenges affecting communities. Due to competing interests between the social work intervention programs and lack of basic needs, some community members opt out of participating hence the intervention programs in communities end up failing while others stagnate.

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Additionally, social workers due to the effects of poverty end up exercising community biases. Social work as a noble profession is made to help the poor, marginalized and less privileged individuals to improve their living standards. Currently, it is not the practice of social workers, who should contribute to these groups of people in communities to tackle their challenges biased regarding who they choose to serve (Garbarino, 2017). Full and active participation is guaranteed, therefore social workers become successful in their community work. Secondly, capacity building programs, refresher courses are crucial in helping social workers to understand that social work intervention activities should mainly focus on the needy people to improve their livelihoods. This capacity building program helps social workers to eliminate and avoid biases in service delivery.

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They will start aiming at helping the poor, vulnerable, marginalized and those people who are in most need of their services. It also ensures that service delivery gets to the right people. Some include the impacts of education on poverty eradication in the society, determinants of poverty elimination in the rural and urban areas and also research on poverty and social work among others which can help in solving the challenge. Conclusion Social work initiatives that help improve the living standards of people can be strengthened and made more efficient, if more emphasis is channeled on mitigating poverty in the world. It is a situation, which acts as a significant limiting factor in the development of many initiatives. Though a significant issue, it began in ancient times; hence, lots of research on how to minimize it is highly required as it affects both beneficiaries and animators of change.

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