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According to the Republicans, the mandate was part of the way the governments expanded their taxes base which was hurting to the citizens. However, the Supreme Court found it well placed within the mandate of the federal government to carry out such activities for the collection of their taxes. Another challenge that faces the policy on the aspect of forceful buying of the insurance policies is that those businesses inclined to operate closely within the religious beliefs had a concern. Based on the ruling, the court established that the policy was against some of the basic rights of the religious people which would undermine their belief which does not support the use of female contraception (Haeder, & Weimer, 2013). On this note, the act suffers s blow on its legitimate mandate to force people to make their contribution.

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Notably, all citizens had an equally improved healthcare service based on the affordable care availed to them. This is important as it ensures equality in health provision to all people. The policy is democratic in the sense that it puts into consideration more people. Individuals should always be concerned on the status of their health as well as the factors that contribute to proper provision and care of their problems. The important factor that makes the policy democratic nature where the rights of more people to access affordable health care are given priority (Shaw, Asomugha, Conway, & Rein, 2014). The poor people within a society have remained languishing in poverty and health sufferings. ACA brought about a better life to such people who would not afford healthcare insurance plans which are way expensive for their reach.

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This was a major development as the people would access proper health care and attend to better facilities as compared to before. The society is made of different people. These people have been brought together by the affordable care act which enabled all people to access better health care services (Croft, & Parish, 2013). The almost universal healthcare provision has been availed and it makes it possible for most people to access their health services. Mor4eover, the healthcare insurance policy makes the various health services to the people beginning from the time they are young to when they become elderly. Such a service provider enables the people to benefit from the significant government intervention to avail such important services to them. The target population under the introduction of such policy frameworks is the poor who make a majority.

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The poor are the most vulnerable given that the country does not allow health care services without insurance policies (Allan, 2017). Social relations are factors that show the interactions between different people (Koh, & Sebelius, 2010). It is evident that affordable care has played a significant role in the health of many people who would have otherwise suffered. The important factor is that the lives of such people are improved significantly under the new policy where all people are required to contribute for the health cover. Although it would be viewed as oppressive given that it forces people to make their contribution or otherwise be fined, is a critical measure where the available resources are put together to benefit a larger group of people.

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The policy has created proper interpersonal relations among people of the society who would have lacked a basis for communication. These codes are essential and necessary in ensuring that all organizations activities run smoothly. From the affordable care policy, it would be noted that the most valuable codes of ethics that reflect on social work professionals are service and social justice. These two clearly indicate that the value of human being that affordable care has catered for is service and social justice. Service is where the policy attends in a just manner to the basic needs of the masses which are medical cover needs. At the same time, social justice is also reflected in the policy. Only small sections of the policy would be set to conform to the other sectors of the existing laws.

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Proposal changes One of the proposed changes is to make the policy allow those employers closer to religious aspects not allowing female contraceptives allowed not to make such contributions. Proposals impact on diverse and vulnerable populations The vulnerable population has little to add to what might be changed in the law. It is mostly due to the fact that some people would initiate changes that would affect these people. Unfortunately, they would live to cope with such changes given their vulnerable state. Cultural reproduction and social reproduction. In Knowledge, education, and cultural change(pp. Routledge. Croft, B. , & Parish, S. You can't make me do it: state implementation of insurance exchanges under the Affordable Care Act.  Public Administration Review, 73(s1), S34-S47.

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