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The major concepts that can be used to relate to an individual’s social work functions include accountability, confidentiality, self determination, objectivity, acceptance and also being none judgmental. These factors usually help an individual to accomplish their tasks and functions in an ethical manner hence improving the way in which people conduct their duties and functions. Knowledge of Self There are several values that often relate to my real life. One of them is acceptance. This is described as the action of embracing and also approval of everything that has been offered. Decisions which have been made in the past have always encountered the aspect of creativity and also critical thinking, which makes them unique and also accountable in a unique way.

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I also uphold the concept of self determination. This is the ability to form free choices without any compulsion or even external control from other people. Self determination ensures that individuals usually decide on their own without any form of control or advocacy from other people. The skills of self determination are always important in strengthening the importance of others and also improving their character makeup (Vazire, 2012). This helps to improve the behaviors and the mannerisms of many individuals in the society as they promote positive coexistence in the society. Social work governs behavior and ensures that most of the actions of the individuals have been driven towards the accomplishment of a specific objective that has been set (Rao & Masdekar, 2010).   Social workers engage in a complex environment and are expected to work in a systems environment where they delegate their duties.

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They are also expected to identify the individual perspectives and also engage in activities without any form of biasness. Since in social work one engages in different environmental aspects, engagement in social functions helps to ensure that an individual has performed their duties without any challenges facing them. The first basic important social value that I posses include interpersonal relations, honesty and integrity. Those are values that can be involved in social work to improve an individual’s morality and character. Working teams that are successful should always have individual accountability and also responsibility towards each other. The main goal is to ensure that every social work member is successful in achievement of the long term goal. Since the main objective of the group is to always solve the problems that arise, it is advisable to identify such issues and develop mechanisms within the group to help solve those issues.

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This knowledge can be used in the social work settings to ensure that people have provided social work practice without any form of prejudge and also discrimination. This improves the delegation of social work welfare and also ensures that people have provided their professional services to others without any challenges. Social workers are always expected to have different opinions on different subjects who enable them to offer their services efficiently. Multilevel skills and duties can be used in providing one with the qualities to undertake roles and services in social work hence improve one’s skill performance and ability to conduct duties (Vazire, 2012). The ability to deal with community challenges and the desire to ensure that others have lived a good life is what led me to becoming a social worker.

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