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Socialization actually happens throughout the life of a person although most of the essential socialization happens when one is a child. Primary socialization refers to the learning that we get from the individuals who take part in raising us while secondary socialization most of the time occurs outside the areas where we grew up. In this essay I will focus on two of the secondary socialization agents. These are the school and religion. School School is the main agent of secondary socialization. For example, I have learnt that the way I communicate with my fellow students is not the same manner in which I will go talk to an elder somewhere in the community or even with my teachers. It is through school that I have come to understand and appreciate my culture and that of other people.

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There are important cultural aspects that I would never have come to know if it was not for the school teaching them. For instance the difference and appreciation of varied cultures, the values that different cultures consider important and the do and the don’ts of different cultures. This has made my interaction with people form these other cultures in the society easier as I understand the reason as to why they are different from us. In the traditional society religion was regarded as a tool to unite the people. In the current society, religion proceeds to mold ways of life and beliefs. Religion is amongst the most significant agents of social control and socialization. It plays an important role in directing and organizing life socially (Sahni, 2018).

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This is made possible through organizations as the church, temples, gurudwaras and mosques amongst others. Religion has also made me to know what is right and what is wrong. It teaches the values that we should have like honesty, obedience, kindness, respect, self-control amongst many other values. From this, I for instance I have a better understanding of how to relate with different people in the society. I have learnt that respect is very important in my day to day associations with people and obedience is key in each and every aspect of my life. I also got to come to the understanding that there are vices that are not acceptable in the society. One of the social inequality issue I have a position is the issue of gender inequality.

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This has be greatly continued by the different agents of socialization. Men are perceived to be superior to women and this has made women feel inferior in the society. Women have been considered to take the inferior roles in the society as the other roles are perceived male oriented. This has led to a lot of discrimination for instance in the work places, where male figures are conceived to take the role of leadership in organization just by the belief that they can perform in them better than women (Abbas et al. Through empowerment they will be able to change their mindsets that their feminine nature should not hinder them from performing some roles in the society as defined by socialization.

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