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This forced the Caribbean region countries to have an international conference that was held in London for the purpose of coming up with ideas to support the solution to this global climatic change on what needs to be done, who needs to do it and who should be in charge of the payment. Through this conference, there was the foundation of Caribbean climate innovation Centre (CCIC) that has helped the Caribbean countries to make clean technologies and businesses so that they be in apposition to adapt to and plan for these effects of global climatic change. From the time, this organization was formed (CCIC), it has played part in encouraging revolution and free enterprise growth that supports a lot the economic development through various ways of creating jobs. It has also created boot camps where young people come together to give out their ideas concerning this climatic change by finding business as a way of solving effects of climate change.

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The winner in the camp is supported by his or her creativity to continue growing his or her idea. This helps in the increase energy security for the Caribbean countries through the reliable and indigenous and most independent resources. It also enhances the sustainability of the energy and reducing the pollution caused by another source of energy like the use of machines for energy. This also helps to lower the cost of solving the problems of global climate change effects. These advantages of the solar energy have helped the Caribbean countries to be in the position to reduce the climatic change through pollution as a way of solving the climatic change in Caribbean region. Water management is another pillar where these programs focus on, this will help them to solve the water scarcity in their region through creating various water harvesting methods, treatment, and storage to facilitate their life in their region.

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The relationship of the agriculture and business also will create a chance to develop the economy and help solve the global climate change that can be solved through a change in agriculture chemicals that are not good for the environment. The Caribbean countries adopted new farming method quickly and the greenhouse gases which were to pollute the environment were reduced. This solved a lot in terms of climatic change in the region (Newman, p 815-825. The resource use and efficiency is another pillar that these programs need to address to solve the problem. In this pillar, there was need of the Caribbean countries to avoid the wastage of local resources available, this is done by ensuring that with minimum resources it is preferable to use the resource in a sustainable manner that will lead to minimizing environmental impacts like climate changes.

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Through the innovation and the development of the above pillars in Caribbean countries, the Caribbean region was in the position to find the solution of the effects of the climatic change in their region. According to the representative of CARIRI in the CCIC management committee, the Caribbean was to be not one of the contributors of the greenhouse gases that may bring a climatic change in the region, but it will be contributor to the economy, this is because the Caribbean depended on agriculture so much and tourism as they were vulnerable to the effect of the economy. This idea was to share the best practices and provide the good network where the Caribbean was in the position to deal with the climatic change. There was an advantage in Caribbean countries because they were in the position to create more jobs within the space if they will be given support by the donor community.

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The support from the organization on the innovation and research over the climatic change helped a lot in the solving the problem as group work was encouraged for the better solution. Tracking the release of IPCC AR5 on Twitter: Users, comments, and sources following the release of the Working Group I Summary for Policymakers.  Public Understanding of Science 26. This gives information on the demonstration of effects of climate change on the environment. The impacts of these climatic changes are well explained again here. It helped in coming up with solve to these impacts Jean Tirole.

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