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Muhammad urged all the Muslims to show respect and pledge their allegiance to his appointed successor. However, just after Muhammad had passed away, some Muslims who were the companion of Muhammad who held a meeting at Saqifa nominated one of their own named Abu Bakr who later on assumed some political powers are forming a group known as Sunnis. Despite this appointment, some Muslims maintained their royalty to Ali. They were referred as Shias and believed that Ali remained their spiritual and religious leader in the absence of Muhammad despite his political right being taken away from him (10) Muhammad the Prophet Although Muhammad came from a poor clan among the ruling clan, he was able to preach new ideas especially to the people of Mecca in 613. Due to his preaching for peace and unity among the Muslim communities, he was thus regarded as the Muslim prophet, commonly known as Prophet Muhammad. Muhammad’s father died before he was born in Mecca in 570. This made life as easy as people would expect. Though fathered by a merchant father, the demise of his father left him in the much worse condition in life. To make the matter worse, his mother as well passed away while he was at the age of six. He was thus raised by his uncle and a grandfather. At his early ages, Muhammad practised some of the religious traditions of Mecca. Despite some Arab men preaching on the belief for one God, still there existed some Arab men and women who practised polytheist.

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They had special shrines from where they worshipped their Goddesses and gods from. Among the most important and common shrine was the Kaaba shrine in Mecca. As a caravan trader, Muhammad became familiar with the Christian and Jewish ideas. Muhammad heard religious stories from the Christian and Jewish merchants both from the gospels and Torah. Since he was young, Muhammad used to meditate and pray from secret places such as the hills from the nearby areas. From his secret places of praying and medication, Muhammad receive a voice that asked him to preach the good news of the Lord God who created man. From his consistence teaching, he more revelations which later on were confirmed as the Quran which was the only holy book of the Muslims (11) Muhammad’s main message in his teachings was that there existed only one God- the God who was eternal.

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He emphasized that there is no one on earth who can or will never be compared to the highest God. It also acted as a socio-economic institution that was capable of promoting peace and unity across the world. Among the factors that contributed to the quick spread of Islam 1nto other parts of the world was favorable political and social conditions. Conquest The spread of Islam in the early years between the ages of 632-700 into the Middle East was facilitated through conquest. The growth and expansion of Muslim state also provided favourable grounds for the spread and flourishing of the Islam religion. The conquest through military was facilitated by the religion although it was as well motivated by politics and greed. The conquest became much easier when the Sassanid Empire became weak.

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The weakening of the Sassanid Empire was facilitated by the internal conflicts which left it wounded. More so, the prolonged war between Sassanid Empire and Byzantine Empire as well lead to the weakening of the Sassanid Empire. This made it easier for the Islam state to make more successful conquest in Iraq (3) Rapid spread of Islam Some of the factors that contributed the quick spread of Islam religion in the Middle East and it's beyond was the lack of strong and true governance in the parts. This resulted in the opening for more expansion of the religion. How and why did Islam spread quickly from the Arabian Peninsula | Version Daily.  Version Daily. Available at: http://www. versiondaily. com/how-why-islam-spread-quickly-arabian-peninsula/. How and why did Islam spread quickly from the Arabian Peninsula | Version Daily.

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 Version Daily. Available at: http://www. versiondaily. com/how-why-islam-spread-quickly-arabian-peninsula/.

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