Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it Quote Analysis

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He merely argues that for our world to make any further progress, then it is necessary to have in mind some of the things that we learned from the past events or happening. It is required to have in mind that change is not necessarily similar to progress (Santayana, pg 1-5). Therefore, someone might refer to development as a way of taking what you have studied and put much emphasis on it, though on the contrary, modern culture has a means of doing away with things so quickly and it makes it quite difficult even to get ample time to learn from the past. This quote, therefore, tries to make us understand that in everything that we do in our lives then must be a starting point.

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This implies that it is not even possible to start constructing a building from the roof. This represents close to 64% of the total country discretionary expenditure. America's military budget is believed to be bigger than seven Europe countries combined. This is even more than some of its rivals like Russia, China, United Kingdom, France and Arabs countries. On the other hand, there have yet come a new myth, this is the common case especially on the east Europe post-communist myths that focused on the countries salvation, and it was evidently in the making. Conversely, the standard statement about historical aspirations and the common phrase of the repeat of history has made a lot of sense to many people. For peace to co-exist it call for every one of us to embrace peace and take it as an individual responsibility.

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We can also derive a scenario as a country, which was demonstrated by Abraham Lincoln, he is one of the Presidents, who governed during the time of the United States Civil War, during his time he realized that it is imperative to keep our foreign powers close to us. This is because they play a very central role in ensuring that we remain as a peaceful nation. Explain how the quizzes, article, and video go together? There is an excellent connection between the quizzes, article and the video in that the questions, which are posted in the article, are demonstrated in the video, and it gives a clear picture of what is expected of us. This lines bring about some of the things that people like to play around with most often, but it is easy to recognize that a Santayana makes some form of sound in Billy's Joel's hit song, and the two main reason why he is mentioned in the song is because, he has a cool name and secondly, because the song touches on learning some lesson from the past (Santayana, pg 112).

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S. Since then, the country made a U-turn and decided to make things better. Several lessons can be learned from what the American went through as a Nation. Ignorance is another thing that drags typically every success or progress; this is because when the majority of the population are unlearned, they will tend to forget very fast while at the same time repeating same problems hence resulting into the slow rate of growth and development. Is it possible for the American political system to continue if people remain civically uneducated? EXPLAIN No, it is not possible for the American political system to remain stable if the majority of its citizens remain civically uneducated. Work Cited Santayana, G. "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

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