Statistical Analysis on the Impact of Knowledge Management on Organizational Success

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As such, the construct of this research study comes in the backdrop of the significant impact that employees of a company play towards the success and development of their respective organizations. The reason for this assertion is because the workers are the most prized asset that any organization can have, especially when they are well motivated, skillful as well as being ready and willing to discharge their expertise to the organization. Conversely, the research study operates under the premise that appropriate knowledge management by the executives of a company has a significant impact in determining the level of organizational success of the company. This is especially considering the fact that good workers who are both skillful as well as experienced play a significant role in determining the growth and development of their organization (Ahmadpoor, Yektayar & Nazari, 2014).

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Professional workers will easily embrace the goals and objectives of the company, and as such, will work towards achieving these goals and objectives. In this case, the variable of knowledge management centered on key features such as technology, learning and people, while the variable of organizational success centered on key features such as managerial concern for employees, good working environment, appreciation and rewards for hardworking employees, as well as social relationship. The statistical analysis conducted on this particular research study used both descriptive as well as analytical statistics to confirm the reliability, validity and the regression of the two key variables. According to Ahmadpoor, Yektayar & Nazari (2014), the focus of the validity analysis was in relation to the data collected, and whether or not the data was valid to cover the demands raised by the research question.

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As for reliability, the focus was on the source of the data, in this case referring to the participants of the research study, most of whom were employees of the company. Therefore, it would be appropriate to assume that the responses they gave in the questionnaires were valid as well as reliable ones considering the fact that they were actively involved in shaping the success of their respective organizations as employees. The test focused on validating whether or not the data used was valid, whereby the test used was whole numeric. In essence, the results obtained ascribed that the data was valid because it belonged to the custom range of a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 5. Descriptive Tests The following table shows the results of the descriptive statistics test conducted on the excel data provided for this analysis.

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Column1 Mean 4. 132075 Standard Error 0. As such, it is clear from the research findings that the impact of knowledge management on organizational success is a positive one, as it enables the company to achieve its goals and objectives through the exemplary services of its workforce. References Ahmadpoor, R. , Yektayar, M. & Nazari, R. Structural equation modeling of relationship between organizational citizenship behavior and social capital with organizational learning among physical education teachers. edu/libphilprac/917 Appendixes Regression results for Figure One SUMMARY OUTPUT Regression Statistics Multiple R 0. 69269 R Square 0. 479819 Adjusted R Square 0. 46962 Standard Error 0. 645331 Observations 53 ANOVA   df SS MS F Significance F Regression 1 19. 159217 Adjusted R Square 0. 142731 Standard Error 0. 655651 Observations 53 ANOVA   df SS MS F Significance F Regression 1 4. 00308 Residual 51 21. 429879     Total 52 26. 82E-05 Residual 51 39. 777615     Total 52 56. 11321         Coefficients Standard Error t Stat P-value Lower 95% Upper 95% Lower 95.

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