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These programs are never issues-free but this paper is set to wreck in some of these issues that are accounting-program related are bring them to light or full glare to their users (Gordon, 1999). The paper thus proposed some of the highly effective practices that indeed will help the company under study to reduce or completely eradicate both short term and long term affects that might results from these issues. Woolworths, an Australian leading chain store, is the chosen company in the fulfillment of this research paper. In this light therefore, the analysis thus presents some of the outcomes that are as a result of the analysis of Woolworths’ accounting software analysis. Disadvantages of Woolworths’ Organizational structure The organization structure of any company defines the roles played in a hierarchical manner by the employees of a particular organization.

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The market is stiff but steady for the many players thus offering so many alternatives. Prices of commodities remain unpredicted since each and every store aims to maintain their customer base and attract new ones by lowering prices (Gunasekaran & Sandhu, 2010). Acquiring Software for the System Customized custom software is the best software so far since it can be edited to fit the company’s desire. It is one of the best software for the smooth operation of the business. It makes everything easy and quick, for example, changing prices for commodities can be done via the system and it will help in the calculation of profits and do some accountings. This is how they lose impatient clients and lowers their customer’s base.

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Manual operation also increase the level of counterfeit production since there are so many products are not produced by the same company thus are different in prices. Through manual operation, poor branding is the result but since the system is incapable of distinguishing brands just by scanning, this may lead to forgery and theft. Part B Development and Adoption of the Accounting Software Packages The rapid change in technology has changed the ways of doing business and the operation of organizations. The digital technology has even enhanced the modes of computing the accounting works. All these software are internet based and require trained personnel even though they are easy to use. They have much more advantages compared to the latter and a part from the aforementioned merits, they also help in bill payments and the billing process.

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These soft-wares are easy to access & reconcile with the system. They can execute reports, issue inventories and correct some minor errors; they can handle different currencies and large volumes of data storage. They have simplified accounting (Institute of Management Accountants & ProQuest Information and Learning Company, 1999). The future market predictions still put the software in a great need since companies are expanding and the population is growing too thus need of more software to execute the accounting work (Khosrow-Pour, 2006). Market Leader There are so many programs of accounting in the market that the business management team can chose from depending with the size of the company, organization or taste and preferences of someone. Cloud computing accounting software are generally loved by the small & medium businesses otherwise national or international organizations normally choose from either of the following MYOB, Xero, Zoho books and Quick books.

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These accounting programs bare one thing in common, they have a shared features but depending with the prices and package does the company chose which one to take. Statistics reveal that MYOB tops the list of the most used accounting software in the whole world. Expensive – these accounting software programs are expensive, both in maintenance and purchasing. A lot of money is spent in the initial purchase and installation of the required compatible software and even buying external storage facilities to create a large volume for information storage. Recommendations While using any accounting software program, the following are recommended for its continuous smooth operation: Installation of Anti-Virus – computers are prone to crack downs due to malwares and the only way to pin this down is via the installation of anti-viruses like Kaspasky so as to keep the computer off from the attacks of viruses.

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