Strategic Management Annotated Bibliography

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Subject Area:Business

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Product and environmental social performance: Varying effect on firm performance. Strategic Management Journal, 34(10), 1255-1264. The authors of this article place their focus on the need to have a positive social impact on the performance of both the product and the environment. They contend that the ability to apply these aspects in the organization have varying levels of success in terms of the performance. In particular, they reveal some of the important aspects to be considered in the effort to achieve corporate social performance. Puranam, P. , Gulati, R. , & Bhattacharya, S. How much to make and how much to buy? An analysis of optimal plural sourcing strategies.  Strategic Management Journal, 34(10), 1145-1161. Strategic Management Journal, 34(10), 1244-1254. The authors in this article contend that although it is important to make use of a number of strategies to enhance their economic positions, there are certain forms of approaches that do not seem to work well for them.

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