Strategic Management Case Study

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It is instrumental to success for an organization to adapt to changes in its environment, both internal and external; perform well despite the change; and generally try as much as possible to survive even under difficult conditions as a business. However, there are some businesses that are not successful. Organizations should carry out regular formative assessments to help in figuring out if there are things that need to be changed (Rollingson, n. d). Such a tool for solving problems would be very useful to an organization in helping them to get important information concerning the way they perform, and figure out crucial factors hindering or enhancing their success or its position. One could perceive this hierarchical model of decision-making as dictatorship, especially when the company is full of people who are gifted and talented.

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The ideas and skills of these people should be used to advance the mission of the company. The Youth Organization should learn that it is important to encourage the team by involving them in making decisions. In addition, communication is very important, as it allows one to be vocal while allowing one’s team to also voice their ideas and concerns. The Youth Center should encourage the youth who come take part in the services they provide to voice their ideas. This is an effective method that provides direction to daily choices, evaluating improvement, and changing tactics as the organization proceeds. To be successful in applying strategic planning, the Youth Organization should be cautious in the way strategic goals are integrated into its planning.

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