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I believe that ‘Mr. Blease “will be able to maintain the quality we have promised our customers because of the combination of expertise, experience, and commitment to serving not only high quality but also healthy products. The strengths Mr. Blease are all in line with our mission for quality and healthy products. The experience and cooking expertise of Mr. Nevertheless, this is controlled by the partnership agreement, and all parties in the partnership have the goodwill to sustain the business in their capacitated abilities. Secondly, the market target is middle-income earners in the Central district of Hong Kong. This is a culturally rich population whose tastes and preferences are easily swayed by the local competitors. Westernization has historically been disregarded in China.

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However, I believe that the business will be able to tackle this challenge through promotional adverts to the target people who are elite enough to choose quality and health, over culture (Burns, 2016). Similarly, every other person wanted to remain in his professionalism, but yet invest in the business. Three of us identified several business ideas. Lam was good in economics, and he was ready to invest in the new Cryptocurrency. On the other hand, Daisy Chan wanted a marketing company that would make use of the new social media platform, and Victor wanted to open his bakery. Chloe Lee being in the human resource professional for a long period, was the unifying factor. The organizational structure of the business has a director who organizes the operations of five departments; production, account, marketing, operational and Human Resource and Admin departments.

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The production department will be run by the baker, Victor, who has had experiences in the bakery industry for 20 years having a team championship, in a 2016 Bread Contest organized by World Bread Ambassadors. Under his department, he will manage seven bakers. Daisy Chan will run the Marketing Department as the marketing manager who will manage two other staffs. She has the PR management experience for more than ten years. The connection helps reveal the passion one has for the business, the knowledge acquired from research about existing markets and competitors (Bell, et al. This is the chance to sell the idea or product as you would sell to the customer, though different in interests. One can, however, know whether the pitch for his/her product is a success or failure by the reactions from the business plan presentation.

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Our team work was at test, during the presentation where every partner must have been knowledgeable about every department in the business. The second aspect is the nature of the presentation and the level of understanding of the audience. Therefore, Mr. Blease must have several alternatives of marketing strategies, centered on the target customers. I am optimistic about the social networking strategy, the media pre-launch, mobile marketing and the membership build-up system. The exhibition strategy is likely to be the turning point, where locals are invited to food expo to experience our new products. This will lead us into the Hong Kong Wine and Dine festival, where customers will have the opportunity to taste our bread and coffee. Palgrave Macmillan Limited, 2016.

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