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The main aim of supply management philosophies is to supply customers with quality products. The products must be of the right brand, supplied at the right time and at an affordable price (Cox & Atkinson, 2018). As the supply chain manager of operation, I would reduce inventory cost, improve customer satisfaction, improve process integration and increase cash flow. Q2. Indeed, for end customer satisfaction, the firm need to create value in terms of the right cost, high quality product and delivery schedule and reliable delivery. He or she must be capable to use data to follow and track orders, weaknesses and inefficiencies. ii. He or she must have the ability to properly understand technology such as analysis of software and use of computers to enhance artificial intelligence.

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iii. He or she must recommendable personal traits in order to enhance his or her social relations with the suppliers, customers and the team members. Organize for training for other workers. iv. Be able to provide constructive responses and feedback. v. Create and maintain good relationships with customers and suppliers. The positive effects include; improving transparency and efficiency, focusing on individual employees thus developing performance of the whole company, enhancing tighter communication and community, tackling the prevailing government requirements (Hugos, 2018). Technology has influenced the supply chain management from internal communications to physical processes. Some of the specific examples in which technology has affected supply chain management professionals include; first, CALIDUS TMS has greatly benefited the supply management sector in the area of transport by helping them with the ability to optimize driver miles, decrease vacant driving miles and capturing accurate information.

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