Survey of workplace ethics by curtis c verschoor article review

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On the other hand, workplace ethics act as guidelines on how individuals should conduct themselves as well as their relations to one another at the workplace. If workplace ethics are well managed, it improves the reputation of the organization and consequently enhances competitive advantage. Every organization should ensure that workplace ethics are well communicated to reduce workplace crisis (Sharma, 2013). Thus, the paper reviews an article on workplace ethics, its relevance to business ethics and its application to organizational leadership. Article Summary The article analyses a survey carried out by Ethics and Compliance Institute, the findings of the survey and gives recommendations on how to improve the state of ethics and compliance in the workplace. The survey identified that there are little efforts in addressing organizational culture which is the greatest influence on how employees conduct themselves.

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Thus, creating a strong ethical culture would help eliminate unethical practices in an organization. According to the report, organizational culture is the common understanding of what is beneficial in the organization and how individuals should act. 20% of the employees interviewed said that their organization had a strong ethical culture while 40% believed that their ethical culture is weak (Verschoor, 2018). Recommendations The article six recommendations on how an organization can improve the state of ethics and compliance in the workplace. Lastly, how an employee should treat, communicate and relate with the customers. All these relationships should be guided by the organizational business culture of doing what is right. Workplace ethics are an essential part of managing the performance and relationships of employees with other parties that can affect the performance of a business.

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