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2 Background; Tata Motors 3 1. 3 SWOT Framework 4 1. 1 Strengths 4 1. 2 Weaknesses 5 1. 3 Opportunities 5 1. Executive Summary One of the most important factors in a business is the environment. A business success or failure is highly dependent on its environment. According to Crawford (2016), a business with sufficient knowledge on its environment in addition to strategic plans and decisions entail the probability by which the organization becomes successful. The key elements within the business environment include micro and macro environments. They also remain the determining factors in a business raw material provision, distribution, selling, retailing, and transportation networks. Back in 1991, the two companies led to the production of passenger vehicles in India. The prospect has enabled Tata Motors to lead in numerous sectors of production. 2 Tata Motors; Background Tata Motors is based in India and established under the Tata Group of 1945.

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The group is famous for its commercial and passenger vehicles, a segment it has enjoyed and monopolized for the past decades. It produces pickups, trailers, buses, trucks, and tractors. 17 billion with an increase of over $100 billion from the previous year (Sekar, Gowri and Ramya 2014). The drop in revenues in the previous years enabled it to reposition its market presence in Asia and Korea, a prospect that enabled it to increase its profitability in 2012 and 2013. 3 SWOT Study 1. 1 Strengths Tata Motors has various partnerships and collaborations with similar ad likeminded automotive manufacturing companies such as Jaguar. The collaborations have enabled the company to widen its presence in numerous markets and countries with a positive reflection in its revenue growth and accumulation. The SWOT investigation offers a look into a company’s competitive position with a keen focus on what it can undertake and what it cannot do.

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The study is important in helping out a company in strategizing its position in the market in addition to exploring other ventures and performance in the sector (Colbert 2016). With a realistic approach, SWOT analysis is important while analyzing a company’s presence and performance in a market. 4 PESTEL Analysis PESTEL analysis assists organization in repositioning themselves in the dynamic business environment. At the same time, it enables a company to check on its improvement and performance with those factors that may be out of its control such as buyers, competitors, sellers, the economy, and distributors. With an annual turnover of over $17billion, the company is well positioned to take on with its competitors in addition to new research initiatives and strategies (Snehvrat & Dutta 2017).

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3 Social Factors The company has over 50 years of experience in the production and manufacturing of locomotives together with passenger and commercial vehicles (Snehvrat & Dutta 2017). The automobile manufacturer has helped the community by establishing a trust fund for educating the poor. Other social initiatives include community works an charity initiatives. In all its manufacturing plants, the company strives to give the locals employment opportunities, a scheme that has opened new job opportunities for the locals (Acharya 2014). Its collaborations and partnerships have enabled it to keep up its global standing as a leading producer and manufacturer. The company continues to play a critical role in community works such as charity and donations besides education support to poor community members. Its 70 percent share of the market has enabled it to impact positively in the society.

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