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There are multiple types of teams including coordinating teams, decision-making teams, consultative team, information sharing team, and task performing team. This paper thus seeks to consider the Team diagnostic report and discuss some of the strengths of the group, areas that require adjustments, areas where the data is not presented sufficiently and recommendations for improving the team. Strengths of the team The team has quite many strengths which are motivating towards achieving its goals. Some of the strengths of the team include the following: The team is stable- the stability of the team significantly contributes to its reality in action and existence. A stable team implies a coherent team which stays put together and work collectively towards the practical achievement of their goals.

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The team, therefore, needs each member as they contribute equally and significantly to the team’s success. Moreover, the interdependence in the team will increase the team’s success rates significantly (Hodges, & Clifton, 2004) The team also has an excellent management and leadership system. The team is well defined, and the members understand and appreciate the role of their leaders and their management system due to its contributions to the team. A good team is a team with proper and effective leadership. The members also can manage their work and themselves in the team. It works and contributes significantly to the team’s success. It is upon the team to work collectively towards achieving its goals. Moreover, the team will consider participating in productive activities which will enable it to build and achieve goals.

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Areas for improvements There are various areas in the team that requires improvement because they are not as perfect as expected for the team to success. The team will consider the following areas for improvement One of the areas for improvement is the training and knowledge base in the team. I think that the data representing the unhelpful interventions should not have been included in the diagnosis. Recommendations for improvement One of the recommendations of the team is to improve their communication across the team and to the public. Communication is an essential key which every team requires to be effective. Effective communication in a team will enable the understanding and creation of good interpersonal relationships with each other. Therefore it should consider more of digitalized communication, for example, extensive use of video conferencing, emails and audio.

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Diversification of the goals will increase the chances of team effectiveness as the members will have to work diversely to achieve the specific goals. Another significant recommendation is building skills in the team. All team members might have ambitions and goals which they also want to achieve themselves. Skills building in the team will enable them to complete their tasks effectively as they will have the skills to use in completing the tasks. Skill building could be accomplished through training and workshops where the members will get to learn more about leadership and their roles in the team (Hackman, 1978) Another significant recommendation which could improve the team effectiveness is developing a good leadership and management approach which is goal-oriented and supports all the team members.

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