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The ability of an organization to respond to market changes through establishing an organizational framework which values the need to put up an integrated structure for making seamless execution of operations. The paper will take an analysis of the Tech Time case study and provide robust recommendations that speak to the delivery of competitive advantage in a market that has significant potential and opportunities. Company Structure The organization of the company is critical towards establishing a system in place that takes cognizance of the benefit that comes from the having an integrated framework among departments. The different departments of an organization are expected to be independent in undertaking different functions but interdependent since the input of one department defines the overall success of the organization.

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Coordination is a key attribute in any business especially regarding the ability to make an organizational culture where interdepartmental interactions as an underlying feature in the formulation of the business strategy (Toften & Hammervoll, 2013). The challenges that take place in the market make it difficult for an organization to maneuver if it lacks a communication strategy to handle faults in the market and address the concerns of the consumers. The way in which an organization executes their mandate should apply a communication model that breeds cooperation and unity among departments making it possible for each to understand each other despite the technical activities undertaken by departments. The consensus among different departments is harnessed through the creation of a model that builds understanding and cohesion in the execution of their mandate.

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The website and software departments fail to establish a communication structure between each other while their roles are dependent on one another establishing an indication of the difficulty of attaining the entities objectives on schedule. The reasons behind the communication breakdown can be attributed to the lack of a structure which defines how the operations of the different departments should be guided by a timeline representative of the departmental needs and resources. A management meeting that involves the managers from the different departments will be critical towards providing an input that caters for the engagement between managers to fine-tune their individuals' targets for purposes of adhering to overall set timelines in the operations of the entity. The managers from different departments are critical towards developing value for the organization in speaking on behalf of their departments about their progress and requirements to fulfill their targets.

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The marketing department manager and Sales should provide reports from the market and advice the website and software development departments to take note of the situated in the market especially consumer expectations and feedback. The marketing and sales managers should equally provide an understanding to the website and software development departments with information on why it is important to fast-track the development initiative based on the market competitive risks (Schlegelmilch, 2016). The finance, human resource, and operations managers should provide a facilitative role of providing the human capital, financial and logistical support that enhances the execution of the other departmental roles for shared success for the organization. The product will be introduced in the market and focus on the use of the digital space will be the greatest focus of our advertising to reach a broad audience across the world irrespective of the geographical location.

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The product came into play at the right moment and based on the reviews that we have identified in through interactions with domestic and international enthusiasts of unique website services by our organization. It is a product that will significantly come as a game changer in the market. The pricing of our services will take cognizance of the market conditions through a price penetration strategy that involves making the product cheap at the introduction phase as promotional to gain market attention. On gaining market attention then the pricing will increase to ensure that the organization breaks even and attains profitability for the services. The economic environment is a determining factor for our corporate clients to budget for the website services that will enhance their business performance.

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Our business will also have the opportunity to access financial resources that will allow the organization to facilitate the smooth execution of their operations for the success of the entity. Global Business Strategy Global marketing is an important instrument in business that asserts the possibility of an organization to yield substantive gains in the market through retention of existing consumers and attracting potential consumers. The establishment of a brand in the market for any entity is dependent on the efforts applied by an organization in creating an environment that customers value and appreciate the quality of services and products in the market. The level of competition and information at the disposal of consumers on a diversified range of products makes it challenging for the organization to gain a substantive market niche.

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