Teen pregnancies in China

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However, amongst the developed countries, China record the highest numbers of teen pregnancies. In 2015, over 200000 infants were recorded from mothers aged between 15-19 years. This represented a birth rate of 22. 3 in every 1000 women in the age bracket (John, 2018). However, this was a drop from 2014 which encompassed a 9% drop in women between 15-17 year and a 7% drop in women aged between 18years and 19 years. The onset of puberty is one key factor in teenage pregnancy. However, with the onset of puberty, what facilitates the possibility of teenage pregnancies is the first sex experience. Early sexual activeness increases the chances of youths’ pregnancy. In adolescents, the youths show vast experience in sexual matters and resultantly impact to early pregnancies. Other possible causes of teen pregnancies are linked to sex abuse exposed to children in their tender ages.

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The rates of Maternal deaths for youngsters are 4 times more evident than for women in their 20s, and child death rates to ordinary around half higher to youthful mothers versus mothers in their 20s. • Teen mothers are more disinclined to proceed onward from secondary school and less instructed than their associates who put off childbirth so that to live in desperation and to rely upon help. • The family of secondary school moms are from time to time considered at low birth weight, abused, or possibly dismissed, encounter thriving and formative issues, and are at broadened risk of neediness, low edifying accomplishment, poor inn, inadequacy, and have chopped down rates of cash related improvement in grown-up life. • Teenage pregnancy speaks to a liberal budgetary weight to society, assessed at $10.

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9 billion consistently in lost cost wages, open help, kid restorative administrations, tyke mind, and relationship with the criminal value system. The readiness for conceiving and the full development of women reproductive structures lead to complications during delivery (Beasley, 2018). The traditional format outlined a strict model in children upbringing coupled with a wide range of restrictions from both schools and family. The contrary is true in the modern setting giving the teenager an opportunity to embrace positivity from their undertakings regardless of the pregnancies. Similarly, youths are given a chance to reach their full potential after delivery. Intervention strategies Teenage pregnancies can be countered in a variety of ways. However, for the success of the community-based forums, parents need to be incorporated.

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Finally, clinical-based interventions such as forums that offer family planning education to teenagers and education addressing sexually transmitted diseases. However, the main focus of these intervention strategies should focus on abstinence of the youths and the use of contraceptives provide the complementary strategies that encourage safe sexual practices by the teenagers. Social workers can play a role in the sensitization of teenage pregnancies. This can be done through a variety of ways that include working with the teenage mothers with an effort of countering their stress as well as enhancing their motherhood efficacy through enhanced mother and child bond. Introduction. In Misperceptions of the Social World (pp. Routledge. Ethier, K. A. NCHS Data Brief. Number 89.  National Center for Health Statistics. John Leland, (2018).

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