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Similarly, studies by the George institute unveiled that over 30 per cent of young drivers wrote, read or texted back while driving. Texting is a common way of socializing with friends. However, this habit forming behavior is disastrous as it causes distraction to drivers, and has been rated among the most frequent contributing factors to road accidents in Australia (Government of Western Australia, Office of Road Safety, 2015). According to Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (2014), it is estimated that road crashes have an economic impact totaling to about $27 billion annually. It was determined that those texting while driving have an estimated 10% of their eye-time off road, a time that can increase to 40% if both parties are sending and retrieving texts (Australian Mobile Telecommunication Association, n.

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Subsequently, a fine of $298 in addition to loss of three demerit points is invoked for a similar misconduct in South Wales. However, in case ones phone is secured and in an approved cradle, one is allowed to make use of the phone hands-free for navigational (Australian Transport Council, 2012). The use of mobile phone in communication today is more of a necessity than a prestige. However, the prestigious feeling of using a mobile cannot be overlooked. Use of mobile phones is almost unavoidable. For a driver who is in the mind-set that they can text while driving, they often have the phone on, in close proximity as opposed to silent, off and away. These drivers treat calls and messages with importance or urgency and many choose to take their chances while driving (Australian Transport Council, 2011).

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Human beings cannot be upgraded to a point that they become phone-proof while driving, but at least the way they think and act while driving can be changed if not improved. In case one has to text while driving, then use of “Voice Action” is a better alternative that minimizes distraction while behind the wheel. Table 1 social change campaign in NSW Year Social Change PURPOSE Social change FOCUS Change action Geographic context Target audience Brand elements slogan Media vehicles Success outcomes Launched in June, 2013 Caution young drivers on texting while driving as it doubles the risk of crash Avoid texting or using a phone while driving Use of mobile phone while driving New South Wales Males and females aged 17-39 years It’s not worth it.

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With major smart phone manufacturers coming up with “Voice Action” enable phones, texting while driving stands a chance to if only it can well be understand that it is the level of distraction that causes an accident and not use of mobile phones. Benefit and Barrier analysis Young adult drivers and probably all drivers feel momentously important to text while driving from point A to Point B. Modern day technology and needs almost make it mandatory if not convenient for everyone to be inseparable with their mobile phones. According to Australian Mobile Telecommunication Association (n. d. Theoretical lens to guide strategy development and implementation The TBT theory is best sort for guiding the development and implementation of the “Voice Action” strategy while driving as it will help link an individual’s beliefs and actions.

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Figure 1 should a TBT relationship in a study of texting while driving The TBT model will help in determining a student’s intention of using “Voice Action” smart phones while driving. The students’ attitude would be used to determine individual favorable or unfavorable evaluation of using “Voice Action” strategy while driving by use of four composite scale from semantic differential items outlined in Ajzen 1991. Ones intention to use “Voice action” to text while driving shall be evaluated using 3 aspects identified by Ajzen 1991. Moreover, perceived behavioral control shall be assessed with the help of two items as outlined in Ajzen 1991. au/articles/amta/Texting. young. drivers. fail. to. ntc. gov. au/Media/Reports/(F1D63B25-98A0-8E5A-EBD4-BA6FC69ABF7D).

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