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Destination analysis report will focus on Thailand which is known to be one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. The report will provide more information about the country and focus on some of the reasons why people who want to have good experience in the tourism sector should visit Thailand. I chose Thailand to be my tourism destination because it has most sites and they are the best. From the previous reports, it is evident that it is one of the world’s famous tourist destinations. Meaning that it is the best place to be and there is a lot that one can learn from the country due to its beautiful sceneries and amazing climate as well. 2013, p.

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Most of the visitors to Thailand come from China, Korea, and Japan. Europeans come from the United Kingdom as well as Russian. This means that the country is doing well in the tourism industry and still there are other opportunities to explore in the industry. Thailand receives both national and international tourists. Another spot is Long Beach, and it has beautiful scenes that one can view. It provides a slice of paradise and a perfect place to adventure. The Grand Palace, Bangkok is another beautiful place to be, and one is likely to send at least two days in the place. There is a lot of adventure here for example temples are many in this region (MacWilliams 2015, p. For instance, the temple of Emerald Buddha is an ancient place, and it preserves the culture of the land, and here one can learn more about Buddhism.

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They have a role in developing long –tern travel as well as tourism strategy meaning that they help in attracting more tourists by marketing the country and its beautiful spots to other parts of the world. Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is the main destination marketing organization in Thailand, and it has a role to play in ensuring that Thailand keeps growing in the tourism industry. TAT has a role to play in the tourism industry, and for the country to improve in the market share, then it has to come up with effective marketing strategies which are meant to beat its competitors in the marketplace (Rarkklang 2017, p. A strategy is an approach that can be employed to ensure that the customers are satisfied with Thailand’s tourism services as well as the opportunities that one gets while in the country.

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The tourism authority of Thailand has a mandate of coming up with policies which will see the tourism industry in the country grow and not the other way round. It has a role in ensuring that the tourist sites are in good condition since those are some of the things that the visitors will be taking into consideration when deciding on whether to come to Thailand or not. Therefore, Tourism Authority of Thailand has a role in protecting the sites and keeping them in good condition at all times; overcrowding has become a problem in Thailand whereby some of the beaches are not in good conditions due to pollution and degradation. The tourism authority has a role in ensuring that sanity is restored in the sector.

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This is possible by coming up with a solution on how to deal with such problems as they have a negative impact on the industry. Destination marketing organization also has a role in providing direction in the country on how the tourism sector should be run and how which to play which role at what given time. The number of people on social media is high, and through an effective campaign then it will be possible to market Thailand across the globe (Ritchie & Crouch 2003, p. Many states have employed this strategy, and it has worked for them, and the high chances are that it will work for Thailand effectively. Risks and crisis Thailand is a good destination to be and in the process to make it perfect for the tourist it is essential to deal with some of the risks and the crisis that the tourism sector is facing.

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Overcrowding and environmental degradation are one of the crises that the destination is facing. This crisis has its effects on the tourism sector, and therefore there is need to deal with the crisis before things go out of control (Kasemsarn & Nickpour 2017, p. 2014, p. It is a beautiful place, and it is located in the coastal region. The region has some advantages, and they include beautiful sceneries which attract many tourists every year. The region has good environmental conditions, and its beaches are clean. The destination management organization has ensured that the destination is well known across the world through running effective campaigns (Villalobos-Céspedes et al. It is located in Southeast Asia. Thailand is one of the leading tourist destinations in the world, and it is the best in Asia.

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