The activity of Marshmallow Tower Challenge

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However, there are numerous lessons that I learned from the activity with respect to the application of organizational behavior in working as well as in workplaces. Besides, the aspect of team organization is a vital element in any workplace since it determines the direction that different individuals take in ensuring effectiveness in working. In this manner, in the discussion of the activity, I learned that it is important to consider various factors in creating an effective team such as context, composition as well as the process. This is because the success of the team highly depends on the chosen participants. For instance, they have to possess various capabilities, have a common purpose with certain goals, differing conflict levels and so forth.

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In this case, the role of the managerial team such as the group leader is not to exercise power or dictatorship, rather to oversee the performance of the other members by developing one-on-one relationships that enhance productivity and efficiency at work. However, this can be achieved by allowing the members of the group to interact freely offer their opinions and provide positive criticism in the activity. This is because communication and relationship building are two interrelated elements for the success of any team project (Martin et al 13-28). The use of proper communication channels helps people to develop constructive mechanisms of working, which directly translates to improved performance and diligence in work. Through building close relationships with the members, our group could have facilitated constructive feedback mechanisms that would enable us to communicate openly with each other for a better solution.

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Besides, members are driven by striving to achieve certain target within a particular period. For instance, in my case, there was a target of achieving a reward of ten dollars after a successful completion of the activity. Essentially, setting of targets in any teamwork project enables the participants to work harder since they remain monitored routinely, their achievements are awarded and they have a chance of proving feedback to the relevant management for any shortages or challenges (Pinder 251-389). Through motivating participants, the project stays well prepared for expanding its needs and capacities since it values the presence of the workforce as the major contributing factor to high performance (Pinder 251-389). Although our instructor had given all the groups a motivation of ten dollars, group five failed to express motivation to the members by offering a team project without setting beneficial goals that would motivate each member to perform better.

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Besides, work motivation is an entity of success that necessitates the input of each participant in the undertaking, without which it attracts failure. If all the members in our group could have contributed positively with full commitment, it could have enhanced the performance of the group due to the presence of a work-motivated environment. Part 3: Reflections on my learnings This section involves assessing my personal strengths, my values along with the capabilities in various areas and strategy in improving as well as growing in my effectiveness by applying the concepts learned from Drucker’s “Managing Oneself” article. To begin with, one of my major personal strengths is the ability to communicate and interact with different people of varied categories and backgrounds.

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In my view, good and vibrant communication skills is among my key strengths in undertaking my daily pursuits. This is because my communication skills enables me to interact, socialize and meet many people through which I create strong relationships. According to Drucker, the importance of any relationship is the ability to understand each other and appreciate both the strengths and weaknesses of an individual as well as appreciate whatever they do (Drucker 100-109). This helps in increasing the mutual bond between the involved individuals since they are able to positively embrace the benefits of their connection and deal with any challenges that come across. In this way, I vividly believe that creating interpersonal relationships is among my core strengths when working with other people as it also helps me develop a sense of team spirit among associates and improve my brand image.

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Fundamentally, one of the key values of establishing relationships is that it helps me discover my strong and weak points through interacting with different people. This works by valuing the contribution of each member regardless of the approach used in performing the assigned task since everyone has his or her own way of doing things. Other than that, the aspect of taking responsibility in relationships ties with assuming responsibility in communication. This is because communication is a core element in sustaining relationships at any given place. In fact, having good communication between workers or individuals working together helps in deterring both personal and interpersonal conflicts (Drucker 100-109). It therefore imperative to uphold the essence of sufficient communication between associates to facilitate absolute trust among the workers, teammate, colleagues alongside superiors, subordinates and so forth.

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