The Ethics of War Case Study

Document Type:Case Study

Subject Area:Philosophy

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There existed a deterioration of the relationship between Banyarwanda and Tutsis. Individuals were insulted, humiliated and harassed; the perpetrators captured the house materials, channels of communication and vehicles. A conflict that causes tensions and domination of a group can lead to war. Banyarwanda reestablishments determine whether the war was justifiable or not justifiable. in this case, the common good for war is justified as they wanted to attain their objectives (Boshab 65). The decision to participate in this war is unjustifiable; the most notorious part is the treatment of prisoners in Abu Ghraib whereby the prisoners were tortured and humiliated. The way the war was conducted has resulted in unnecessary deaths (Hughes 154). Utilitarianism explains that the end should justify the importance of engaging in war, which a country should not need a just cause to engage in war as long as they have the right intentions.

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