The Governor Linking Democracy and Public Policy

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Control the entry of immigrants from Mexico 2. Check the powers of the National Government on matters Texas 3. Ensuring the implementation of death is done fairly 4. Improvement of k-12 education In my victory, these issues played a central role in ensuring that I clinched the victory in the election. The influence of the Campaign message on the Election The citizens of Texas held it very dear to their hearts that the incoming governor was interested in protecting the borders from external invasion by people from foreign countries. In my manifesto, the plan was to introduce civic education in the Kindergarten to 12th-grade education so as to make it more holistic. Introducing civic education especially on matters election was particularly important in preparing the young generation to live up to the demands of the complex 21st-century leadership.

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Formal and Informal powers of the Governor The reigning governor of the state of Texas has powers bestowed in him by the constitution. Such powers are known as the formal powers. Informal Powers are those that the constitution does not necessarily grant but are enjoyed by the governor. The governor can thus have his party members to support legislation that he has interests in. He can also appoint members of his party to key positions in government so as to ensure a smooth term and a successful one to that effect. The Power to Represent Texas: The power of the governor to represent the state of Texas on the interstate is among the most important informal powers of any sitting Texan governor.

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