The influence of Internet Marketing on consumer shopping behavior in UK

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As fashion evolves, so does the customer base and market width. In a business setting, a company or any firm aims at maximizing their profits. It is with this respect that fashion companies and designers should come to their drawing board and find out the best strategies of widening their customer base- the internet! Firstly, any fashion designer company should understand the general aspects surrounding clothing and fashion. Clothing is one of the codes for reading society. By understanding this, issues surrounding the selection of right clothes is the first and foremost step in creating an overall style statement. • The age is also considered. Age is among the biggest determinant of customers buying behaviour regardless of the social changes. • Gender is the third factor put into consideration when determining a customers choice on clothing.

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Through gender, relevancy in internet advertisements is portrayed. • Finally is the occupation. • In cases of products having their substitutes in the market which may happen almost all the time, the sales of the substitute product will be relatively high that is if their prices are lower than that of the original product. • When consumers of products have a higher earning inform of salaries, then the market sales of clothing and fashion products will increase. For this to hold, the products in question must be superior and have the ability to maximize on the utility. Ultimately, the marshallian model offers a better way for marketers to be able to understand the consumer’s behaviour especially when they are making purchases which may require rational considerations.

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The second theory that impacts greatly on the consumers consumption and purchasing preferences is the psychoanalytic theory. Ivan Pavlov conducted a famous experiment in which he discovered that if he rang a bell immediately prior to feeding a dog, he could eventually get the dog to salivate just by ringing it. From this results, he came into a conclusion that a majority of human beings behaviour is stimulated from conditioned responses. This theory is of high significance to marketers and sales management departments. Internet marketing is significant to this theory especially when establishing or reinventing a fashion brand. The knowledge propagated from this theory can be used to help change or create new consumer habits or even reinforce brand elements which are associated with positive experiences from customers.

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Therefore, the marketers are embedded with a responsibility of identifying means of shortening their advertisements and making them even more impactful. This is where internet marketing comes in handy. The internet itself provides room for various adjustments among which shortening and increasing lengths of the advertisement message is provided for. Moreover, the internet marketing has the ability to minimize tolerance for marketers who abuse private and sensitive information, heightening the possibilities of interacting with new and well known brands and provide for the motivation of building a long-term relationship among companies and customers. Researches conducted on sales and marketing strategies have identified that in order to take a step forward, sales and marketing personnel ought to have reliable consumer data and knowledge and have their focus on a diverse and a global audience just as propagated in the marshallian model (Silverstein, 2012).

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Its out of this that a two-way interactive communication with the consumers is enhanced. The ultimate reasoning behind online and internet advertisements is reflected in relationship marketing whereby the consumers are treated as partners in the marketing process. The above statement therefore suggests that, for advertising to be truly effective to today's more wary and demanding consumers, it needs to put consumers back into the equation and empower them while getting the message across (Jones, 2013). The above issue is vital to the internet and online advertisers since it is regarded as the most interactive form of advertising which has the ability of leading the fashion industry towards the right direction. Duncan and Moriaty argue that the key to establishing an effective communication with customers involves a two-way exchange that us built on balance, symmetry and reciprocity.

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The internet is regarded as an interactive medium which allows two-way communication between the customers and the advertisers. The availability of diverse advertising tools has helped boost for an effective multi-stage interactions among the customers and the fashion industry. Moreover, banner adverts and search engines listings have made it possible for many fashion stores attract mist of their customers to their official websites where they are guaranteed with adequate information and immersive information regarding various fashion products a store has to offer. The internet in itself has created what we call an online community. Using such platforms has been beneficial to many fashion stores as this helps deepen the Customer’s identification and their relationship with the fashion brand. Internet marketing.

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